DDR5 DIMM Sockets

DDR5 DIMM Sockets

TE's new DDR5 dual in-line memory module (DIMM) sockets are designed in accordance with JEDEC industry standards. These SMT connectors can address the higher data rates needed for today’s memory module applications.

Key Features

Generation 5 Double Data Rate (DDR5) Sockets for Dual In-Line Memory Modules
  • 288 position, 0.85mm pitch
  • Data rates reaches 3200 Mbps-6400 Mbps, which can support up to 16 Gbps bandwidth
  • SI can meet 7.5 GHz
  • Surface mount, contact coplanarity meets 0.1 mm
  • Short, medium, long, and narrow latch options are availble to meet different space requirements
  • Multiple color and plating options

Key Benefits

  • Higher data rates, 2x better than DDR4 DIMM socket
  • Improved SI performance, especially in thicker PCBs
  • Better heat performance
  • Save PCB space
  • Minimize difficult soldering rework with enhanced contact coplanarity
  • Offer flexibility in system design

Featured Applications