DDR5 DIMM Sockets

DDR5 pin sockets for many space requirements

Our fifth generation of double data rate, dual inline memory module (DDR5) sockets include surface mount technology and can address the higher data rates needed for today’s memory module applications. Designed in accordance with JEDEC industry standards, this socket includes 288 position, 0.85mm pitch. DDR5 DIMM sockets support 288 Pin SMT type and 288 Pin TH type.

Product Overview

DDR5 DIMM Sockets

This socket is designed with short, medium, long, and narrow latch options to address different space requirements. It is also available in multiple color and plating options. Our DDR5 sockets are engineered for higher data rates, and can provide  two times higher performance than DDR4 DIMM sockets. Other advantages include improved signal integrity (SI) performance (7.5 GHz), better heat performance, and a smaller design to save PCB space and minimize difficult soldering rework with enhanced contact coplanarity, with flexibility for overall system design. Our DDR5 sockets are used in communication memory applications, such as data centers, desktop PCs, mass storage, and servers. 

Product Features

DDR5 DIMM Sockets
  • 288 position, 0.85mm pitch
  • Data rates reach 3200 Mbps-6400 Mbps, which can support up to 16 Gbps bandwidth
  • SI can meet 7.5 GHz
  • Surface mount, contact coplanarity meets 0.1 mm
  • Short, medium, long, and narrow latch options are availble to meet different space requirements
  • Multiple color and plating options