slimsas, mcio, sff-ta-1002

Cabled Interconnect Solutions for High Speed Data

Our internal cabled interconnects can provide a solution to data rate increase challenges. They are flexible, robust and provide optimal signal integrity while also saving space inside the application. This new connectivity technology simplifies design and helps lower overall costs by eliminating the need for re-timers and more costly lower-loss PCB materials while reaching speeds up to 56 Gbps with the use of TE high speed cable.

SlimSAS Features:

SlimSAS and SlimSAS LP are low profile high density internal cabled interconnect solutions that provide PCIe Gen 4 cable and connector capability. A 0.6mm pitch balances manufacturability with density.
  • Compliant with SFF-8654 standard
  • 0.6mm pitch
  • 22.4mm height (vertical receptacle, right angle plug)
  • Center latching
  • Connector

                 •   85 Ohm, 16G NRZ

                 •   100 Ohm, SAS-4

  •  Cable assembly

                  •   100 Ohm: SAS-4

                  •    85 Ohm: PCIe Gen 4

Vertical Receptacle

SlimSAS LP Features

  • 0.6mm pitch
  • 13.45mm height (vertical receptacle, right angle plug)
  • Center latching
  • Connector: 85 Ohm, 16G NRZ
  • Cable Assembly

                •   100 Ohm: SAS-4

                •   85 Ohm: PCIe Gen 4


slimsas lp
Right Angle Receptacle

MCIO Features:

MINI COOL EDGE IO internal cabled interconnects address the SFF-TA-1016 next-generation industry standard and support PCIe Gen 5 applications.
  • Low Profile, high density cable solution
  • 0.6mm pitch
  • 13.95mm height (vertical receptacle, right angle plug)
  • Center latching
  • Connector

                 •   92 Ohm, 32G NRZ, roadmap to 112G PAM-4

                 •   85 Ohm +/- 10% version in development

       •  Cable assembly

                 •    100 Ohm: 56G PAM-4, SAS-4

                 •    85 Ohm: PCIe Gen 4, PCIe Gen 5

Vertical Receptacle

The SFF-TA-1002 standard defines vertical right angle, straddle mount and orthogonal connectors for servers and storage devices and has been adopted by several industry standards groups including COBO, Gen-Z, EDSFF and the Open Compute Project (OCP).

Features & Benefits:

  • High density, hot pluggable, high performance and cost effective
  • Protocol-agnostic multi-lane high speed connector
  • Chosen as the next industry standard flash storage connector
  • Proposed alternative or replacement to many form-factors including M.2, U.2, and PCIe
  • Options available to connect to PCB card edge, cable or optics

Features & benefits:

  • 0.6mm contact pitch 
  • Receptacle includes robust metal shell with cable latching
  • Vertical and Right Angle receptacle options accepts Sliver cable assemblies or PCB plug-in cards
  • Cable assemblies incorporate our high-speed, low-loss 33 AWG cable and can support both 85 and 100 ohm environments
  • 12G & 25G options provide economic solutions for a variety of applications


slimsas, mcio, sas lp