Reliable Mobile Battery Connectors

Our mobile battery interconnects include low profile battery connectors, leaf battery connectors, and floating battery interconnection systems (FBIS II). These mobile battery connectors are used in mobile phones with removable batteries—high design flexibility allows it to be scaled up or down regardless of positions, working height, or contact pitch. This connector series improves cost effectiveness for customers by reducing the number of components needed and the size of the tooling platform.

Product Features

Mobile Battery Interconnects
  • Centerline of 2.5mm–6.5 mm
  • Various positions including 2, 3, 4, and 6
  • Working height ranges from 0.4mm–6.7mm
  • Wide current rating from 1.5 Amperes to 5 Amperes 

Select Applications

Mobile Battery Interconnects
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablet PCs 
  • Mobile media players 
  • Digital cameras 
  • Video cameras 
  • Navigation systems 
  • Gaming consoles

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the working height of the TE mobile battery connector?
A: There are two working heights for low profile battery connectors: 0.4mm and 0.8mm, and they are smaller in size. Leaf battery connectors: it ranges from 2.28mm to 6.7mm. FBIS II can mate directly.


Q: What is the centerline (pitch) requirement?
A: TE offers the centerline space of 2.5mm for low profile battery connectors, 3.2mm to 6.5mm for leaf battery connectors and 3.0mm for FBIS II.