IMPACT Backplane Connector

Push the Speed & Density Envelope

The Impact backplane connector system offers a cost-effective, highly configurable backplane solution to address the demand for increased network bandwidth and advanced technology. While supporting high speed performance and upgrades with data rates up to 25 Gbps, these connectors save space using differential pair density with up to 80 pairs per linear inch. These are available in two compliant-pin design options on both daughter-card and backplane connectors, providing you great flexibility in optimizing your designs for advanced mechanical and electrical performance. Its mating interface provides in-line staggered, bifurcated contacts that provide two points of contact for long-term, reliable performance and built-in, ground-signal sequencing.

Product Features

Impact Backplane Connectors
  • Data rates up to 25 Gbps
  • High differential pair density (up to 80 pairs per linear inch)
  • Reduced crosstalk with broad-edge-coupled, differential-pair systems running higher data rates
  • Application with compliant, press fit tails
  • Density, Cost Savings, Speed, and Long-term Reliability
  • Excellent mating performance with inline staggered, bifurcated contact beams in a daughter card interface
  • Flexibility and superior mechanical and electrical performance with two compliant-pin attachment options
  • Reduced PCB routing complexity and cost with 1.90mm x 1.35mm grid on backplane and daughter card
  • Mechanical reliability and guidance into connector module with polarized housings


Differential pair density up to 80 per linear inch


Reduced PCB routing complexity and costs


Improved system performance

Select Applications

Impact Backplane Connectors
  • Telecommunications: Hubs, Routers, and Switches
  • Office or Cellular Infrastructure Service: DSL, Cable Data
  • Data Networking: Servers and Storage
  • Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Architecture Options

Impact Backplane Connector
  • Traditional backplane
  • Co-planar
  • Mid-plane Orthogonal
  • Mezzanine
Data Rate Comparison of Impact Connector Solution

Data Rate Comparison of Impact Connector Solution

  1. Impact High Density Backplane Connectors (English)

TE Connectivity (TE) continues to support the growing demands of telecommunication and data networking equipment that require increased speed and greater density with our Impact high density backplane connectors.