High Speed Backplane Connectors

Keeping Data Flowing

Faster data rates and decreasing signal rise times require better performing high-speed connectors. Our portfolio of 6.25 – 56 Gbps backplane connectors keep data flowing.

Product Overview:

High Speed Backplane Connectors

Our broad portfolio of high-speed backplane connectors provides you with the design flexibility you require to solve specific performance challenges. Consider our high-speed backplane connectors for your server, switch, router, and optical transport applications.

Select Applications

Increasing Data Rates, Decreasing Signal Rise: Better Performance for High Speed
  • Servers: blade, rack mount, and mainframe stackable, carrier grade, core, edge, and Metro Ethernet
  • Switches: stackable, carrier grade, core, edge, and Metro Ethernet
  • Routers: edge, core, enterprise class, carrier Ethernet, BRAS, and Multi Service Edge
  • Optical Transport: carrier grade optical, metro WDM, optical multi-service provisioning, long haul optical, and enterprise LAN optical Ethernet


Transfer data at speeds of 25 to 56 Gbps


Named the 2014 DesignVision Award Winner


Insertion loss less than 1dB; linear up to 20 GHz

STRADA Whisper Connectors

High-Speed, Low Noise

The STRADA Whisper backplane family was designed with your end customer’s need for high-performing, high-bandwidth systems in mind. Its revolutionary design transfers data at blinding speeds of 25 Gbps and offers unparalleled scalability up to 56 Gbps—allowing you to achieve efficient future system upgrades without costly backplane or midplane redesigns.

The STRADA Whisper product family operates with extremely low noise, low insertion loss and little to no skew—all of which provide system architects with design flexibility and high design margin. Specific versions are available for 100-Ohm and 85-Ohm applications so you don’t have to compromise on impedance discontinuities.

Mechanically, the STRADA Whisper connector family mirrors most high-speed backplane connectors in the market for easy implementation. It differentiates itself through folded signal pins surrounded by strong, protective C-shaped shields, which make the product family one of the most robust offerings in the market. Additionally, the connector footprint keeps crosstalk down and the overall connector design uses latest eye-of-needle (EON) technology.

To ensure smooth transitions from 10 Gbps to 25 Gbps systems using the STRADA Whisper connector, TE can assign a team of experts—comprised of our best signal integrity and mechanical engineers—to help you develop a solution that fits right into your architecture. Whether it’s traditional backplane, orthogonal midplane, or a cabled-backplane system, TE can tailor the STRADA Whisper product portfolio to best fit and enable your system architecture.

STRADA Whisper Connector Family
STRADA whisper connector family
  1. Re-architecting the Data Center, STRADA Whisper Backplane Connectors (English)

TE Product Manager Doug Lawrence explains how designing STRADA Whisper connectors into your communication system can put you ahead of the game. The innovative design transfers data at blinding speeds of 25 to 56 Gbps and operates with extremely low noise, low insertion loss and little to no skew.

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