Mini I/O – Big on Reliability, Small in Size

Big on Reliability, Small in size

When it needs to be small, it needs to be mini. TE’s Industrial Mini I/O connector provides increased reliability and vibration resistance at a quarter the size of an RJ45. Learn more about this product below and download our white paper on connection reliability in industrial IP20 applications.

More reliable than RJ45. With only one quarter the size of conventional RJ45 plugs, the Industrial Mini I/O connector provides critical space saving on a PCB – space that can now be used more efficiently. Accidental unplugging of a network connection due to shock, vibration or pulling on cords causes expensive downtime in an industrial environment. The Mini I/Os unique locking system is specified to 100N of pull force. With its innovative piercing termination, the Mini I/O Field Installable version decreases the time usually needed to terminate the wires through soldering and with an easy to use hand tool, the field assembly in virtually any environment is now possible.


Space saving compared to standard RJ45


Pull force resistance


Connection cycles in product lifetime

RJ45 vs Mini I/O
TE’s Industrial Mini I/O solution allows you to save up to 75 percent of space compared to conventional RJ45 plugs, giving you the flexibility to use your limited space on the PCB more efficiently.


  • Small, compact size (space savings) solution that allows for increased design flexibility
  • Time saving wire termination
  • Up to Cat6A performance when used in Industrial Ethernet applications
  • Enables wire-to-wire connections
  • Keying interface to prevent mis-mating
  • Intermateable with receptacles of various configurations (SMT, Right Angle, Straight, TMT)
  • Reliable connections in industrial and vibration-prone environments


  • Industrial communications
  • Motion and drives
  • PLCs
  • Robotics