Mini I/O - small in size, BIG in reliability!

Industrial Mini I/O Connectors are rectangular connectors that transfer data between devices in industrial applications. Our Industrial Mini I/O connectors (IEC 61076-3-122) portfolio consists of various board and cable connectors: R/A, straight board connectors and solder and piercing cable connectors for harness makers. For field installation there are IDC based cable connectors with automatic wire cut-off for tool-less installation under a minute, while maintaining a high quality connection. Our mini-I/O connections support Power over Ethernet (PoE), PoE+, PoE++ (IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3bt). Data rates from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps are supported.

With only one quarter the size of conventional RJ45 plugs, the Industrial Mini I/O connector provides critical space saving on a PCB – space that can now be used more efficiently. A metal latch prevents accidental unplugging of a network connection due to shock, vibration or pulling on cords which can cause expensive downtime in an industrial environment. Scroll down to learn more about our mini I/O jacks, cable connectors, and field installable cable connectors.


  • Type I and Type II I/F
  • LCP materials
  • Industrial temperature range
  • SMD, Reflow solderable
  • R/A and Straight versions
  • Tray and T&R packaging


  • "Fighting snake" contact structure with two contact points provides high resistance to shock and vibration
  • Only a single solder process needed for equipment production, and T&R and Tray packaging provides improved processability
  • Reflow solderable to prevent having customers using multiple solder processes for equipment production
  • Piercing and solder cable connector variants available


  • Consists of only two parts: Termination unit and outer housing.
  • Toolless Installation: Standard tools can be used as assembly aid.
  • Integrated wire termination and wire cut off.
  • Rugged die casted housing for optimal protection and shielding.
  • Small form factor reduces PCB area and equipment height.
  • 2 unique keying styles (Type 1 / Type 2) to prevent mismating.


  • Field installable technology enable easy, quick and error free installation.
  • With its innovative IDC termination, it decreases the time usually needed to terminate the wires through soldering.
  • With only 25% of the size of a conventional RJ45, TE’s Industrial Mini I/O solution allows you to save on valuable boards space.
  • EMI and Signal Integrity are optimized by the signal path design and the 360 degrees shielding brings in next generations to CAT6A performance.
  • High retention of the board connectors, combined with a compact metal latching mechanism prevents accidental pull or unmating, reducing potential system down time.
  • Allows latch activation in high density applications.
  1. Mini I/O Connectors (English)

Designed for durable industrial Ethernet needs, Mini I/O connectors provide reliability in heavy shock and vibration environments. The field installable cable plug offers a 75% space reduction in comparison to traditional RJ45 connectors, meeting demands for miniaturization.

About our products

Industrial customers need industrial grade mini I/O solutions for their equipment. Therefore, our solutions are engineered to support higher temperatures (up to 85 degrees Celsius) with a rugged design to withstand handling, shock and vibration. Speed and ease of installation are important features for our customers, both in controlled environments (harness making) or in the field, and we're engineered our products to cater to that need. Several wire sizes are supported, as products should be able to handle various cable types by a single product. We've designed our field installable version to be re-usable up to three times, in case an incorrect connection has been made during field installation.


  • Industrial communications
  • Motion and drives
  • PLCs
  • Robotics

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Mini I/O connectors instead of RJ45?
RJ45 was intended and designed as an office connector which has made it into industrial applications. Mini I/O is an industry connector system, meaning it's designed for industrial temperature ranges and is insensitive to shock and vibration. In addition, our Mini I/O connectors are 25% of the size of RJ45, making it a better fit for Ethernet connections in industrial applications.

What products are available designing in our mini I/O connectors?
Next to the R/A and straight board connectors, the cable connector family is build up out of solder, piercing and field installable (IDC contact) variants. A full spectrum of connectivity options can address virtually every industrial application.


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RJ45 vs Mini I/O
TE’s Industrial Mini I/O solution allows you to save up to 75 percent of space compared to conventional RJ45 plugs, giving you the flexibility to use your limited space on the PCB more efficiently.