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Industrial Ethernet

A fourth stage of Industrial Revolution is upon us. In this stage, industrial production is a highly complex system embracing high-speed Ethernet networks and building increasing levels of intelligence from the data collected and analyzed. The cost of automation – robotic and centrally-controlled assembly and production – is continuously decreasing. TE's Industrial solutions excel in reliability, longevity, effectiveness.

TE Industrial Ethernet solutions range from Industrial RJ45 to small and more rugged Mini I/O solutions and for the IP67 environments M8/M12. With board level products like RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics (plus Power over Ethernet (PoE)) and discrete magnetics, cable assemblies and field Installable products, TE is your one stop shop for ethernet connectivity requirements. Industrial automation builds today entail interconnects between thousands more sensors, actuators, relays and data-conveying copper. All of the data about the manufacturing going on needs to travel throughout the entire system and back and forth to the cloud, uninterrupted and ultra-reliably. By one sound estimate, industrial automation builds entail 250 million new connections a year. Industrial ethernet is the backbone of all new automation builds.

At just a quarter of the size of a traditional RJ45, the Industrial Mini I/O solution from TE is rugged for industrial demands but takes little valuable board and header space.  Critically, the reduced height allows design engineers to develop more compact modules for DIN rail systems.  TE recognized our customers in the entire industrial automation ecosystem need DIN compatibility and we are delivering for that market need. Unnecessary disconnections are a thing of the past with dual contact point contact technology and a compact metal latching mechanism. Our Industrial Mini I/O connector is perfect for motion and drives applications, industrial communications, PLCs and robotics applications. 



Industrial Mini I/O
  • Small, Compact Size (space savings)
  • Time Saving Wire Termination
  • Enables wire-to-wire connections
  • Up to Cat6A performance when used in Industrial Ethernet application
  • Intermateable with receptacles of various configurations (SMT, THR, Right Angle, Straight)
  • Keying interface to prevent mis-mating
  • Suited for high shock and vibration Industrial environments





TE’s M8/M12 connector systems and cable assemblies provide factory system suppliers an end to end offering for serial bus and ethernet connections up to 10Gbit/s and IP67 moisture protection. M8/M12 product portfolio offers short lead times thanks to local stock, low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) and a worldwide sample services that meets the customers needs to speed up the Go-to-Market time. With a versatile portfolio and many customer specific configurations, the M8/M12 panel product range gives design flexibility on your board connectivity, chassis mount connectivity and cable assemblies. The portfolio contains hybrid solutions which enabling power and signal in one connector solution, this results in space saving of connectivity on the application.




  • X-coded connectors support higher bandwidth needs of up to 10 Gb/s
  •  A, B, D, L, S, T, X coding available
  •  Easily installable connector system
  •  Environment protection IP67
  •  Connector ranges include male and female connectors in 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 12 positions and Y Connectors
  • All connectors also available with silver plated contacts for higher conductivity
  •  Alternative mount arrangements for solder cup or PCB
  •  Panel Mount and distribution version available
  •  Shield reliable
  •  Quick and secure connection
  •  Backwards compatible

Our Industrial RJ45 connectors provides solutions cover most customer connection requirements from IP20 to IP65-67 environments. Complimentary to its Industrial RJ45 board solutions TE also offers the interconnect in the form of cable assemblies and field installable connectors, making TE the solution seller for Industrial Ethernet applications.

Industrial RJ45 jacks with Integrated Magnetics are good examples of products that offer industrial-grade robustness in a smaller, rugged package. That means saving board space on the jack, and board space with the analog components the jacks integrate. Variants supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE+) and also discrete magnetics are available as well.



Industrial RJ45
  • IP20 and IP67 connectivity solutions in metal or plastic targeted for Industrial applications.
  • Board level products, Cable assemblies and Field Installeble solutions.
  • Performance level goes up to Cat 6A - 10 Gb/s.
  • Products are designed for ease of use in production and Ethernet infrastructure installation.
  • Product availability targeted at plus 10 years.

Process Control with Precision

With the right Industrial Ethernet connectors, downtime and disruptions are avoided. In order to get the most from their industrial automation network and software investments, manufacturing processes must have uninterrupted data, signal and power. Only then can the precise process control and process flexibility benefits be realized.


Enabling Predictive Maintenance

With the need for more data and high quality of service (QoS), Ethernet becomes a better choice of technology for industrial connectivity. Rather than having systems with dumb peripheral devices and a layered build-up of serial, BUS, and partial Ethernet, a better, more manageable system is implemented by using Ethernet everywhere. Combined with smart peripherals, additional data collection can be done along with the required control data, enabling services like predictive maintenance.