DEUTSCH MIL-DTL-38999 Series I Connectors

MIL-DTL-38999 Series I Connectors

DEUTSCH DJT Series Connectors are military specific approved connectors that offer 57 insert arrangements utilizing 2 to 128 contacts and power contacts rated to 23A. The DEUTSCH DJT series connectors are tooled and qualified to MIL-DTL-38999 Series I Connectors.

Product Features:

  • Temperature Range:
    -65°C to +150°C Electrodeposited tin-plated carbon steel (Class D)
    -65°C to +175°C – Cadmium finish (Class B)
    -65°C to +200°C – Nickel finish (Class F) and stainless steel (Class E)
  • Fluid Resistance: Fluid immersion per EIA 364.10, including resistance to
    MIL-PRF-5606: Hydraulic fluid
    MIL-DTL-83133: JP-8 aviation fuel
    MIL-PRF-7808: Lubricating oil
    MIL-PRF-23699: Lubricating oil
    MIL-A-8243: Deicing/defrosting fluid
    MIL-C-25769: Aircraft cleaning compound
    MIL-PRF-87937: Aircraft cleaning compound
    MIL-G-3056: Gasoline
  • Salt Spray: 48 hours (Nickel finishes)
    500 hours (Cadmium, black zinc nickel, nickel PTFE, and passivated finishes)
  • Thermal Cycling: -65° to 150/175/200°C (max. temperature is class dependent)
  • Shell Material and Plating:

Aluminum, olive drab cadmium

Aluminum, electroless nickel

Carbon steel, electrodeposited nickel (hermetic only)

Stainless steel, passivated (hermetic only but can be available commercially for standard environment configurations)

  • Insert: Thermoplastic and fluorinated silicone elastomer
  • EMI Spring Fingers: Nickel or cadmium-plated beryllium copper
  • O-Ring: Fluorinated silicone elastomer
Mechanical Features:
  • Sine Vibration: Up to 60 g for 36 hr.
  • Random Vibration: Up to 41.7 g for 16 hr. at 175° C
    Up to 50 g for 16 hr. at ambient temperature
  • Shock: 300 g, 3 ms in the 3 axes
  • Durability: 500 mating cycles
  • Contact Retention:
    Size 22D: 44 N (10 lb.)
    Size 20: 67 N (15 lb.)
    Size 16: 111 N (25 lb.)
    Size 12: 111 N (25 lb.)
    Size 10: 111 N (25 lb.)
    Size 8: 111 N (25 lb.)
Electrical Features:
  • Shell-to-Shell Conductivity:
    1.0 mV (nickel finish)
    2.5 mV (cadmium finish)
    10.0 mV (passivated finish)
  • Shielding Effectiveness: >90 dB at 100 MHz, >65 dB through 10 GHz

Mil Call Out References

Call Outs  Reference
Front Wall Mount Receptacle
Rear Wall Mount Receptacle
 Jam Nut Receptacle
Receptacle Wall Mount Hermetic
Receptacle Jam Nut Hermetic
Receptacle Solder Mount Hermetic
MS27496 Front Box Mount Receptacle