This main memory connector is engineered for reliable interconnection to the standard memory modules in communications equipment.  Manufactured to JEDEC industry standards for single in-line memory modules (SIMM) and dual in-line memory modules (DIMM), this connector provides end latches for module retention and ejection as well as mechanical voltage keying; it is designed to protect against module stubbing. Our portfolio includes current SDRAM and double data rate (DDR) memory generations, including the new DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4, and FBDIMM generations of sockets. Each product family consists of vertical, right-angle, and various-angled configurations in solder tail, press fit, and surface-mount (SMT) mounting options.


In notebook and desktop computers, our DDR3 sockets provide interconnection to memory modules; our DDR4 connector provides a smaller pitch and higher pin count. In ultraportables and printers, our low-profile DDR3 SI DIMM sockets reduce connector height by 25%, layout space by 6%, and layout space by 6%. In servers and communications equipment, our fully buffered (FB) DIMM sockets are designed to provide an interface for the high speed and density of FB DIMM modules. With TE memory sockets, you gain reliability of solutions built according to industry standards.