Single Cavity Power

Our DEUTSCH DTHD connectors are single terminal connectors for heavy-duty applications. Easy to install, environmentally sealed and compact in size, these connectors offer a simple, field serviceable alternative to a splice. DEUTSCH DTHD connectors are available in three sizes, carry 25 to 100 amps, and can be mounted or used in-line. These connectors are also available with end cap and flange mount modifications, which can enhance design flexibility and help you meet application requirements.

Product Features:

Specs for DEUTSCH DTHD connectors
  • Accepts contact sizes 4 (100 amps), 8 (60 amps), and 12 (25 amps) 
  • 6-14 AWG (16.00-2.00 mm2)
  • 1 cavity arrangement
  • In-line or flange mount
  • Circular, thermoplastic housing
  • Integrated latch for mating
  • Available accessories: Mounting clips 


Single terminal solution


6-14 AWG (16.00-2.00 mm2)

  1. DEUTSCH Single Terminal Connector Overview & Assembly Instructions (English)

Learn about our DEUTSCH single terminal connectors, including DTHD, DTSK, and Jiffy Splice. These connectors are designed for harsh environment applications. Watch this video for an overview of the connectors and for step-by-step instructions on inserting and removing contacts, as well as mating and unmating.