AMP+ Charging Inlet Type 2 (Europe)

AMP+ Charging Inlet Type 2 (Europe)

TE's AMP+ charging inlet Type 2 is a modular system with interchangeable capabilities for minimum impact on vehicle bodies and is suitable for hybrid and electric vehicle applications across Europe.

Harmonized Functionality. TE's AMP+ charging inlet Type 2 is a modular system that is interchangeable with other inlets, with minimum impact on the body of the hybrid or electric vehicle. A smart assembly method uses a small number of parts and provides finger protection on power contacts. The charging inlets are validated and certified according to IEC 62196-1 and IEC 62196-2. Type 2 offers an optional connector locking device and a 90-degree wire exit that can be rotated. The modular inlets fit multiple package spaces and various mounting positions and can be provided with a connector locking device that can be mounted at three different positions. Vehicle makers and system suppliers can harmonize functionality across their different hybrid and electric vehicle applications. The charging inlet can be used for low current DC charging and chargeable HEVs and EVs.  


  • AC charge interface
  • Can be also used for low current DC charging
  • Chargeable HEVs, EVs
  • Use in Europe


  • Mounting flange and main dimensions interchangeable with Type 1 and GB charging inlet
  • Finger protection on power contacts
  • Connector locking device (included)
  • Connector locking can be mounted at different positions
  • Flexible design to fit multiple package spaces
  • 90-degree wire exit, can be rotated


  • Connector locking device (included)


  • Single phase charging up to 16/32A 480V
  • Three phase charging up to 32A 500V in concept phase
  • Accommodates wire sizes from 4mm² to 6mm² for power