Automotive Data Connectivity Solutions

TE’s data connectivity has extensive coaxial, differential and hybrid portfolio for current and next generation applications. Designed to meet the increasing performance demands of autonomous driving, connected vehicle and user experience, TE’s data connectivity products have automotive grade robustness for lifetime performance with the data transmission up to 56 Gbps. In addition to that, TE’s data connectivity have miniaturized, multi-hybrid and customized products and solutions to enable superior mobility experiences.

NEW-GEMnet Multi-Gigabit differential connector system

  • High Performance – Up to 15 GHz, capable of supporting 56 Gbps
  • Superior Automotive Robustness (LV214 and USCAR qualified)
  • High EMI performance 
  • Protocols Supported
    Ethernet: 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, 2.5/5/10/25GBASE-T1
    SerDes APIX®, FPD-Link, GMSL™, MIPI® A-PHY℠, PCIe®, USB,GVIF, HDBase-T™, ASA Motion Link
  • Extensive Portfolio – Based on 90° and 180° terminals, TE offers sealed/ unsealed 1,2,4,6 port connectors and headers


NEW- FAKRA stamped and formed terminal and connector system

  • Automotive robustness - Reduced mating forces with increased levels of robustness
  •  Manufacturing Efficiency - Smart design for better manufacturing advantages•
  •  Extensive Portfolio 
    Full product family, sealed unsealed, 180° and 90°
    Available for RG-174, RTK-031 – unsealed and sealed