Our audio-video connectors are engineered for the high-speed, high-clarity transmission of audio, video and high-speed serial data. These products reduce application size and power usage while enabling increased performance. TE Connectivity (TE) connectors in this category are available with additional features such as enhanced board retention and EMI shielding that provide robust, reliable connections in demanding applications. We offer a diverse portfolio of audio-video connectors and high-speed serial connectors to meet the global dynamic interconnect demand that stretches across various industries. Our interconnect solutions range from high-speed, high-density pluggable connectors to consumer I/O and legacy D subminiature and modular jack connectors.


In computers and audio-visual equipment, these products provide reliable, consistent transmission of digital data, yielding excellent HD-quality video and audio. In digital television (DVI) players and set-top boxes, these products offer increased bandwidth and multiple positions to support video and multi-channel audio. With TE Connectivity (TE) connectors, you can put more reliability in your audio, video, and computer equipment. We are committed to customer satisfaction through innovative designs, premium material choice, ISO certified manufacturing processes, precise product testing, and dependable customer service. We work with various standards committees and organizations to design the next generation I/O products.