Superior performance in terminating wire or irregular shaped conductors.

Our SOLISTRAND products are designed for reliable performance in harsh environments. SOLISTRAND terminals and splices are specifically engineered to ensure reliable and long lasting performance in the most punishing environments. SOLISTRAND is corrosion resistant, vibration resistant, and features a tensile strength well within the limits of commercial and military specifications. Our SOLISTRAND portfolio includes ring terminals, flag terminals, spade terminals, hook terminals, and flanged tongue terminals, as well as parallel splices and butt splices. We also offer associated SOLISTRAND crimping tools designed for consistent and uniform terminations, making quality control easy and performance reliable.

Product Features

SOLISTRAND Terminals and Splices
  • Uninsulated, tin plating
  • Wire range: 26 AWG (0.1 mm2) - 600 MCM
  • Operating Voltage: designed to handle voltage rating for assigned wire
  • Temperature rated up to 170°C
  • UL Listed, CSA certified
  • Many SOLISTRAND terminals meet or exceed SAE AS7928, Type I, Class 1 and 2 requirements
  • Corrosion and vibration resistant, superior tensile strength
  • Brazed seam for uniform metal strength around the entire barrel area assuring withstanding harsh industrial environments. Brazed seam also prevents pinched wires
  • “W” crimp provides excellent electrical performance and higher tensile strength
  • Dimples or serrations inside the wire barrel provide optimum tensile strength and maximum electrical contact area after crimping
  • Bell mouth on barrel entrance makes insertion of wires easier


600 MCM max wire size


Max operating temperature (in C)


MIL-SPEC, UL, and CSA approvals

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SOLISTRAND Terminals and Splices