Universal MATE-N-LOK connector

Robust and Reliable

Universal MATE-N-LOK connectors utilize a combination of pins and sockets intermixed in the plug and cap housings to achieve excellent electrical performance in a .250 [6.35] pitch design. Rated to 600VAC/VDC and 19A, these offer wire-to-wire, wire-to-panel, and wire-to-board configurations. Housings feature positive polarization, positive locking, and rear cavity identification for easy, error resistant assembly. Contacts are enclosed in the housings and are removable for system flexibility. Universal MATE-N-LOK connectors offer numerous options including circular, flanged, bulkhead, sealed, and colored housings in various materials (including Glow Wire compliant) to offer solutions for many diverse applications. Another product line within this family is the commercial MATE-N-LOK connector system, which are .200 [5.08] pitch and rated 250VAC/VDC and 19A.

Product Features

Universal MATE-N-LOK Connectors
  • .250 [6.35] centerline
  • 600VAC or VDC, 19A maximum
  • 30 - 10 AWG wire range
  • Available in tin or gold plating
  • 2-10 in-line positions
  • 6, 9, 12, 15 matrix
  • Wire-to-wire (1-15 positions)
  • Wire-to-board (2-15 positions)
  • .200 [5.08] pitch
  • Rated 250VAC/ VDC and 19A




AWG wire range


VAC or VDC, 19A maximum