KISSLING Power Relays and Disconnect Switches

Our KISSLING range includes power relays and disconnect switches for high power, high voltage, and control switching applications as well as high-power press-fit PCB technology for use in HV power distribution units. Ruggedized and environmentally sealed our products can operate in high shock, vibration, temperature, and humidity environments. Our KISSLING relays and switches offer a broad spectrum of products, with both standardized and customized options.


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E-vehicles and power management systems are part of a fast-growing industry that brings you new challenges and requirements. By maintaining a close working relationship with you, we understand your requirements and provide both standardized and custom switching solutions to answer your needs. 
Our KISSLING products perform reliably under extreme conditions for demanding applications. Our switches and relays are made for switching applications with very high contact ratings, and critical environmental conditions such as humidity, pressure, dirt, aggressive fluids, or increased shock and vibration stability.

Our KISSLING relays and contactors are non-gas-filled relays built for long life under extreme operating conditions. They also are sealed with a technology that meets or exceeds the IP67 & IP6K9K standards. Our KISSLING relays and contactors are available in nominal voltages of 12 to 600VDC and nominal continuous amperages from 20 Amps to 1000 Amps. Featuring single or dual coil systems and mono or bi-stable magnetic circuits, our complete range of relays covers a wide variety of industry needs, but we also recognize the individual needs of our customers and customized solutions are a key part of our business.

Special compact and lightweight versions are available for aviation and racing applications. Other important advantages are low heat generation in the contact area based on low contact voltage drop, a compact design, low holding current, silver alloy contact material, and the use of mechanical and high thermal stability insulating compounds. Both the terminals and housing are corrosion-resistant.

The KISSLING brand portfolio offers a bi-stable relay series. These relays are suited for power distribution applications requiring low power drain and feature high shock and vibration resistance resulting from careful design and an optimized magnetic circuit.

  • Highly stable insulating materials suitable for extreme environmental conditions (non-gas filled relays)
  • Robust contacts for long contract lifecycle
  • Sealing technology that meets or exceeds the IP67 & IP6K9K standard
  • Mono-stable and bi-stable magnetic circuits
  • Single and dual coil switching systems special, compact, and lightweight versions for aviation and racing applications;
  • On-board control electronics for switching on-board power supplies, monitoring over and under voltage, or preventing deep discharge of batteries
  • 12V- 600VDC and 20A to 1000A continuous DC power with 100% duty cycle
  • 10,000 – 100,000 switching cycles under full current load and up to 2 million cycles of mechanical life


Our complete portfolio of relays includes high-power relays, smart relays, industrial power relays, and specialty relays such as control electronics relays and time delay relays.

KISSLING Smart Relays

This relay series has all of the same quality mechanical and electrical switching characteristics – but also features additional electronic functions for pulse protection of the coil, a low energy switching input for direct connection to an ECU, as well as an optional “energy” function for fail-safe shutoff when power is lost.

Other important advantages include a two-pin coil control which allows this relay to serve as a drop-in replacement for a mono-stabile relay in applications where the power drain of a mono-stabile relay is an issue. The electronic functions directly coupled to the relay not only reduce peripheral circuitry and costs in the vehicle itself but also improve safety levels in critical switching applications.


The smart relay series includes power relays in nominal voltages of 12 & 24 V and nominal continuous amperages of from 200 Amps to 300 Amps.
These relays are suited for battery management and power distribution applications on commercial vehicles, buses, construction & agricultural vehicles, aircraft, ground support equipment, and lift trucks.

KISSLING High Power Relays

Our relays series are environmentally sealed relays with protection standards IP67 and IP6K9K (steam pressure cleaning). The high power relays have a continuous amperage rating from 75 Amps to 500 Amps and two different types of coil systems. The single-coil, as well as the dual coil system, features high shock and vibration resistance predominantly from careful design and an optimized magnetic circuit.


The series is available with a wide variety of configuration options including contact configurations (NO, NC, NO/NC), coil voltages (12 V, 24 V, 36 V, 48 V, 60 V, 72 V, and 80 V), and various bracket styles to meet your installation conditions. Also available are optional suppression devices to eliminate electromagnetic interference at the coil and optional auxiliary contacts.

KISSLING Power Switches

Our KISSLING power switches provide the ability to control the flow of electrical power between battery and accessory. They are sealed with a technology that meets IP67 and IP6K9K (steam cleaning) standards which make them a rugged solution for long life under extreme operating conditions. Our complete portfolio of switches includes HMI Switches, robust encapsulated switches, plunger switches, and micro switches. We also offer battery disconnectors ranging from 200 A to 500 A.

Our power switches and battery disconnectors are designed for applications in commercial vehicles, special vehicles, plant, and industrial engineering as well as special suitable as system start/stop in various kinds of mobile applications and in control panels also with remote control function.

If the right product isn't in our portfolio, we work together to develop and customize the solution answering to your requirements. 

KISSLING Customizable Solutions

We maintain a high degree of vertical integration in manufacturing and close collaboration between manufacturing and engineering. This gives us the ability to model, prototype, tool, and test in-house with the latest technology - and ultimately provide you with rapid results combined with reliable quality. From fast prototype and early sample manufacturing to series production we are with you every step of the way.

Our internal requirements are set following the standards of various manufacturing and industrial standards such as DIN EN ISO 9001, AS9100, MIL-R-6106, ISO/TS 16949, and DIN EN ISO 14001.

Our customizable solutions include: 



Vehicle Power Distribution Modules   Power PCB Assemblies & Subsystems  
  • PCB board + component
  • Power distribution systems used in vehicles (mobile machines, buses, etc.)
  • Many expansion capabilities (additional function)
  • Customizable economic solutions even for small to medium quantities
  • Optimized for special vehicles
  • A good alternative to complex cabling situations by replacing discrete wiring with power PCB
  • Save space.  Save cost. Reduce rework rate.
  • Minimize assembly time (final vehicle assembly) & and improve quality rates
  • PCB solutions up to 300 A continuous current