TE's AMPACT wedge connectors designed with the “Wedge Pressure Technology”.

Durable and Highly-efficient Wedge Connectors

Wedge Pressure Technology has been field proven time and time again over the course of five decades. TE Connectivity utilizes Wedge Pressure Technology to help you overcome the physical and electrical limitations imposed by traditional compression or bolted connectors. Reliable, durable, and dependable wedge connectors reduce life cycle and maintenance costs in multiple ways. These tools work diligently to maximize contact between power connectors and conductors, offering you a solution to problems caused by the oxidation of metallic surfaces. Designed to compensate for thermal fluctuations, they maintain a constant connection force that you can trust. Many different types of connectors are available for specific applications.

Experience is Key

With TE Connectivity's and AMPACT’s vast experience in the electrical cable connection industry, you can count on our wedge connectors to be field tested and approved. A wide variety of connectors are available for any number of industrial applications and operational uses. We create connectors that you can depend on. Each of these connectors has been constructed of high-quality materials and designed to meet the electrical standards. 

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Extensive Industrial Applications

TE Connectivity offers connectors that can be used for a huge range of industrial applications and operational purposes. The various designs and products have been extensively tested and approved to last for decades without failures. Connectors come in a variety of sizes, materials, and applicable designs.