Designed for Flexibility, Reliability and Safety

The Model G II terminating machine provides semi-automatic operation to crimp a range of terminals onto wires. Precision crimp height adjustment, in combination with the optional Crimp Quality Monitor (CQM II), enables you to maintain tight tolerances required for high-quality products. A variable-speed option delivers greater flexibility for tricky applications that benefit from slower ram and feed speeds, and tool-less changeover makes setup quick and easy. As one of the quietest terminating machines on the market, it features significantly updated lighting to the under cabinet and target areas, and improved guarding offers open access for quick and smooth installation of both end-feed and side-feed applicator styles.


5,000 max crimp force


2,000 cycles per operating hour


Advanced Design, Brushless Motor
  • Improved lighting
  • Tool-less changeover of applicators and easy adjustments
  • Precision manual adjust for crimp height
  • Total and batch counter
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Split-cycle operation
  • Meets applicable CE and domestic safety requirements
  • Field installed or available as one unit from factory*
  • Accepts end- and side-feed HDM applicators – 32-14 AWG (with slight modification)
  • 3 modes of operation – crimp only, strip only, or strip and crimp*
  • Footswitch or sensor activated*
  • Air blast ejects slugs into a collection tray*
  • Titanium nitride coated strip blades for longer life*


*Applicable for machines that include optional stripping module

  1. G II Electric Benchtop Terminator Video (English)

This informative video highlights the various features of TE's newest electric bench top terminators, the GII machine.

Model G II Terminator

Precision Matters

All Model G II Terminator versions include precision adjustment for crimp height – an important feature, which, in combination with the optional Crimp Quality Monitor (CQM II), enables repeatable, tight crimp tolerances required for today’s demands for higher levels of quality. By simply resetting a dial, the operator can adjust crimp height in 0.013 [.0005”] increments over a 0.457mm [.018”] range.

Crimp Quality Monitor (CQM II)


Crimp height is the best non-destructive way to ensure meeting the stringent mechanical and electrical properties of the crimp. Crimp height is one of the 5 different process analysis methods featured in the new CQM II.


The CQM II features new easy-to-use, intuitive menus along with enhanced monitoring and graphing. Another major enhancement is the ability to use CQM II on non-TE terminators. The new unit can standardize and provide TE Crimp Quality monitoring across your production area by being versatile, precise and convenient.

Stripping Module


The combination of the Stripping Module with the AMP 3K, AMP 5K or Model G II Terminators can provide you with an economic and proficient method of stripping the wire and crimping terminals on the same machine.


A special machine is no longer needed for just stripping the wire. The wires are stripped moments before crimping, which means that there is virtually no chance of damaging the wire conductors during handling or storage. Wire placement accuracy is also improved because once the wire is fed into the start sensor, the stripping module does the rest.

Defective Crimp Cut


With the help of our CQM II, defective crimp cut technology can immediately detect when a bad crimp occurs and cut off the crimped terminal to ensure bad crimps don‘t accidentally pass to the next step in your wire harness manufacturing.

Ordering Information

Description Stroke Baseplate Part#
GII CE Terminator  40 MM  AMP Style 2217000-1
GII CE Terminator (W/CQM II)  40 MM  AMP Style 2217000-2
GII CE Terminator (W/Stripping Module)  40 MM  AMP Style 2217001-3
GII CE Terminator (W/Stripping Module and CQM II) 40 MM  AMP Style 2217001-4
GII CE Thru-Splice Terminator  40 MM  Thru-Splice 2217002-1
GII CE Thru-Splice Terminator (W/CQM II) 40 MM  Thru-Splice 2217002-2
GII CE Terminator (W/CQM II & Defective Crimp Cut Module) 40 MM AMP Style 2362229-3
GII CE Loose Piece Terminator 40 MM AMP Style 2374600-1
GII CE Loose Piece Terminator (W/CQMII) 40 MM AMP Style 2374600-2


(without terminal reel and reel support)

Height Depth Width Weight
520.7mm [20.5”]  546.1mm [21.5”]  553.7mm [21.8”]  Approx. 104 kg [230 lb]


Customer Manual 409-32035
Capacity 2268 kg [5000 lb] maximum crimp force
Air Pneumatic 550 kPa [80 psi] for models with stripper module. Available as an optional kit for all other models. 
Electrical 100/240 VAC, ± 10% AC, 50/60 Hz, Single phase