Composites combined


TE's antennas will help meet your high performance needs for navigation, communication, radar elements, electronic sensing, and custom applications with reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP). Switch from metal boxes, brackets, and trays to TE’s high performance molded composites to Lighten the Load. Selectively metallize composite boxes, brackets, or trays to create custom complex 3D geometries, antennas, shielding, and wire harness replacement.

TE's antennas reduce size, weight and power (SWaP) using custom materials and design. Antenna performance can be optimized for your needs. Navigation antennas can be customized to specific constellations (i.e. GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Compass) and frequency bands. TE also offers a multi-band/wideband antenna with a commodity jurisdiction ruling of non-ITAR. Communication antennas are conformal and low profile, offering a more aerodynamic friendly option to standard blade style antennas. Radar elements, electronic sensing, and other applications can be custom made to help meet your needs. TE’s composite boxes, brackets, and trays can provide weight savings up to 40% compared to aluminum. We offer design flexibility, allowing the product to be electrically conductive or insulating. A variety of metallizing techniques are available to help meet your custom needs for shielding, EMI, complex geometries, embedded antennas, and wire harness replacement. Additional features such as mold-in-place connector shells or incorporation of other components such as bus bar or switches for efficient use of space can be included. Replacing wire harnesses with selective metallization traces directly on the composite will provide additional weight and assembly time savings. Many aerospace grade composite materials are compliant to Flammability/Smoke/Toxicity (FST).  


Size, weight and power


Composite weighs up to 40% less than aluminum

Customized to Your Specifications and More!
  • Customize antenna performance parameters
  • Reduce parts and installation by combining multiple antennas into one package
  • Reduce parts and labor cost using mold-in-place connector shells integrated on to a composite box
  • Reduce size, weight and power consumption
  • Apply 3D MID (Molded Interconnect Device) or 3D selective metallization technology to aerospace and defense applications


Composites and 3D-Selective Metallization Technologies Offer Paths to Innovative Antennas

GPS or Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Antenna and Arrays 

  • Miniature antennas and arrays
  • Multi-band or wideband
  • Non-ITAR restricted options available


Aircraft Communications

  • Conformal blade antenna replacements 
  • Low profile for reduced drag and fuel consumption


Electronic Sensing (ELINT/ESM)

  • Conformal arrays
  • Dielectrically loaded for smaller footprint
  • Duel-circular or dual-linear polarization


Radar Antenna Elements

  • Selective metallization on complex geometries
  • Low loss substrates and metallization


WiFi/Bluetooth/4G LTE/IFE

  • 3D metallization for efficient use of available volume and maximized gain 
  • Integrated with enclosure/components for reduced parts count

Thermoplastic Composite

Custom Materials to help meet your specification

High Strength and Resistance 

  •     Fluid and corrosion resistant
  •     High strength
  •     Impact resistant


Weight and Time Savings

  •     Weights up to 40% less than aluminum 
  •     Reduces part count with integrated assemblies
  •     Replaces labor intensive thermoset composites 


Design Flexibility

  •     Electrically conductive or insulating
  •     Complex geometry and features


FST Test Compliant

Selective Metallization

Complex 3D Metallization
  • Designed with complex 3D geometries
  • Detailed with fine lines and spaces (>0.002')
  • Customized per application with build to print or custom design
  • Compatible with composite substrates