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The TRICAN HTD2800 measures pressure, temperature, and humidity and provides a digital CAN bus output signal from a single sensor.
TRICAN HTD2800 pressure temperature humidity sensor
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The TRICAN HTD2800 digital combination sensor provides output signals for relative humidity, temperature and pressure from a single device. The highly rugged and reliable automotive-grade design of the TRICAN is suited for automotive, truck/bus and fuel cell applications where performance is key. The TRICAN is optimized to provide accurate measurements and fast response times for systems where repeated long-term immersion in high humidity and high temperature environments is required. With measurements delivered as a digital output on a CAN bus, the TRICAN sensor provides exceptional value, proven reliability and accurate performance from a brand you can trust.

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  • Combination sensor for relative humidity, temperature and pressure
  • Three different power supplies available: 5V, 12V, 24V
  • Optimized design for high RH, high T°C environment 
  • Digital output as per J1939, CAN 2.0B standard or CAN 2.0A
  • Rugged, automotive-grade sensor 
  • High resistance to chemicals 
  • Customizable CAN frame 
  • Optional output for NOx humidity correction factor 
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  1. TRICAN 5V Combination Sensor (English)

The TRICAN 5V digital combination sensor from TE Connectivity (TE) provides output signals for relative humidity, temperature and pressure from a single device. Watch this video to learn more.

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Typical voltage supply of 5V, 12V or 24V?

Typical current consumption of 25mA (10 min - 130 max), 15mA (12 min - 100 max) or 15mA (12 min - 100 max) in condensing atmosphere respectively.

What is the lag in response or how long does it take for the sensor to return to its original "normal" state?

Low hysteresis.


What is the measurement range for the humidity sensor?  Is that relative humidity or specific humidity?

Humidity measuring range of 0 to 100% relative humidity.  Accuracy ±3%.  In terms of Specific Humidity it measures value of 0-150g/kg.


Do you experience drift over time?

Long-term humidity stability (±0.5), Pressure (±0.5%), and Temperature (±0.3%).



Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Product Type Features

  • Humidity Sensor Assembly Product Type  RHTP

  • Humidity Sensor Assembly Sensor Type  Digital

Electrical Characteristics

  • Supply Voltage (Peak) (VDC) 5.5, 32

  • Current Consumption (mA) 15, 25

Signal Characteristics

  • Transmit Rate (msec) 100

  • Baud Rate (Kb/s) 250

Usage Conditions

  • Operating Temperature Range  -40 – 105 °C [ -40 – 221 °F ]

  • Humidity Measuring Range (%RH) 0 – 100


  • Pressure (Max) (kPa) 130


  • Response Time (seconds) 5

Reference Number

  • TE Internal Number CAT-HSA0004

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