Condition monitoring



Sensors are enabling continuous condition monitoring in a wide range of industrial equipment by collecting data which facilitates intelligent decisions via machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI).

While some level of condition monitoring has been around for years, today’s industrial companies are utilizing advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as improvements and cost reductions in condition monitoring and diagnostic systems to implement predictive maintenance (PM) and condition-based monitoring (CBM). Sensors are now being manufactured to include the requirements demanded by this IoT ecosystem. The latest sensor developments are being influenced by trends such as miniaturization, digitization, sensor fusion, lower power and wireless technologies while being packaged for harsh environments as well as meeting intrinsic safety requirements. Vibration, pressure, position, speed, fluid property, temperature and humidity sensors all play a critical role within industrial condition monitoring applications. These industrial sensors help reduce downtime by predicting machine failures, increasing productivity, lowering maintenance costs, and improving worker safety. Industrial condition monitoring sensors historically have been used for expensive, mission critical machinery such as large industrial pumps, compressors, and HVAC systems. However, with advances in IoT, increased automation practices and reduced costs, condition monitoring is being implemented on smaller, less expensive systems such as machine spindles, conveyor belts, sorting tables, and machine tools which also been benefit from predictive maintenance. Reducing machine downtime in these industrial applications is a critical consideration in terms of improved uptime, higher productivity, and improved profitability. The value of implementing condition monitoring and preventive maintenance practices include many benefits which would not be realized without the use of accurate, reliable sensors. With the proper sensor to measure machine data and with improvements in data analysis and AI, condition monitoring is expanding its reach in the industrial marketplace.




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