TE has extensive experience and solutions to supporting leading medical device OEMs develop components to diagnose and treat arrhythmias, including catheter components and technologies for mapping, diagnostics, and ablation.

Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), one of the most prevalent arrhythmias encountered in clinical settings, is anticipated to significantly increase in incidence by 2030 primarily due to aging population. The advancement of catheter-based treatments for AFib has brought about a transformative impact on patients grappling with symptoms stemming from irregular cardiac rhythms. Drawing upon our extensive expertise across diverse manufacturing procedures and components, including fine wire management, sensor integration, laser processing, extrusions, precision-engineered shafts, cable assembly, guidewires, and other capabilities, TE is uniquely positioned to enhance maneuverability and introduce sophisticated technologies to advance mapping, ablation, leadless pacing, and cardiac rhythm management.

Device Solutions

  • Electrophysiology diagnostic catheters: mapping & ablation
  • Ablation catheters: AFib
  • Cryotherapy catheters
  • Imaging catheters: standard & deflectable
  • Dilation catheters
  • Introducer sheaths: fixed curve, steerable & deflectable
  • Transeptal access systems
  • Lead placement & implantation devices
  • Vascular closure devices

Technical Expertise