Braided & Coiled Catheter Shafts

Braided & Coiled Catheter Shafts

With deep braiding experience, leading technologies and a global reach TE can assist you in creating a high quality end to end solution.

Collaborate with engineers who can bring your idea to life. Our experts leverage their experience, having designed hundreds of different catheter shafts, and use proprietary processes to provide thin-walled, braided and coiled catheters ranging from 1.5F to 28F. We will work with you to find the right balance between column strength, flexibility, kink resistance and torque response in the thinnest wall possible to meet your performance requirements.


  • Multi-lumen shafts
  • Multi-durometer shafts
  • Braid to coil transitions
  • Varying pitch coils and varying pick count braids
  • Deflectable and fixed curve shafts 

TE Capabilities

  • Braid – OD from 2F to 26F, single wall thickness down to 0.005 in/0.13 mm
  • Coil – OD from 1.5F to 28F, single wall thickness down to 0.003 in/0.08 mm
  • Outer Jacket – polyamide, polyether block amide (PEBA) & urethane, custom blends
  • Wire:
    • Flat, round and ribbon
    • Nitinol, stainless steel, aramid and fabric
    • Wire diameters from 0.0005” to 0.010”
  • Liners:
    • Fluoropolymer: FEP, eFEP, eTEP, PVDF, PFA custom liners
    • Thermoplastic:  polyamide, PEBA, PU, PE
    • Others:  polyimide, PEEK
  • Marker Bands – platinum, gold, radiopaque polymers
  • Secondary Operations – bonding, porting, tapering, funneling, curving and tipping

Sample Braiding Portfolio

Braided & coiled shafts for diagnostic & therapeutic applications:

  • AF Ablation devices
  • Biopsy devices
  • Dilators
  • EP Mapping catheters
  • Heart valve delivery systems
  • Lead Placement devices
  • Micro catheters – Neurovascular
  • Sheaths – Introducer, Access, Support
  • Specialty MI catheters
  • Steerable catheters & sheaths
  • Stent delivery catheters
  • Stent graft delivery devices