TE has decades of experience supplying cable and interconnect solutions to surgical equipment OEMs for minimally-invasive and endoscopy devices.

TE's integrated connector and cable solutions are designed to provide reliable interconnect systems that withstand the rigors of sterilization.  When you need an assembly to carry power, signal, light, or a combination, our products deliver. TE has decades of experience supplying cable and interconnect solutions to surgical equipment OEMs for minimally-invasive and endoscopy devices. In addition to supplying a wide variety of standard electronic components, we have worked closely with medical device OEMs like you to develop and integrate custom solutions in a variety of applications, ranging from single use products manufactured in our clean room environment to sterilizable, reusable assemblies incorporating our high performance power and digital cable. Our integrated connector and cable solutions provide rugged and reliable interconnect systems and we will work with you to design them to be compatible with the sterilization processes you specify for your customers' needs, including autoclave.

Handpiece and Distal Cable Termination

Our expertise in fine wire termination and molding keeps the distal package compact, lightweight, and reliable, while providing superior electrical performance, and an ergonomic design that meets your end-user’s needs.

Reusable Surgical Cable

These cables are built for high performance, with excellent signal transmission. They are lightweight, flexible, and durably withstand sterilization processes.

Proximal Connector

Choose from metal circular or customizable card-edge forms for reusable surgical cable assemblies. Some connectors focus on signal reliability with excellent EMI/RFI rejections, while others are lighter and simpler to use. 

Surgical Applications
Surgical Power Card Edge Connector
Surgical Power Card Edge Connector

Tubing and Shafts

Our capabilities include tubing extrusion, co-extrusion and in-house compounding to provide heat shrink or multi-lumen tubing to meet your surgical product requirements. 

Electrical and Mechanical Testing

Our test lab can provide design validation, sterilization and disinfection testing, and environmental testing to your exact product or regulatory needs. Our experts can support high speed signal modeling and analysis, flex testing, and thermal modeling and analysis.  


  • Ability to design products that can withstand high pressures, humidity, and variable temperatures, while keeping the signal integrity and avoiding moisture ingress
  • Extensive knowledge in material science to partner with customers to meet their specifications for sterilization and biocompatibility
  • In-house testing for Autoclave, Automatic Washer, and others
  • Design that’s flexible with your needs, combining high performance, light weight, and ergonomics