TE leads the way in cable, connector and assembly technology that meets the ergonomic, reliability and pricing needs for the medical diagnostic imaging industry.

TE also provides you with expertise in fine wire and fine pitch termination to match our micro-miniature coaxial cable options. Taking you from cart-based to handheld point of care, TE leads the way in technology and ergonomic, cost-competitive, integrated solutions for the medical imaging industry.

COMFORT+ Standard Ultrasound Subassemblies

A platform that meets core ultrasound probe requirements, COMFORT+ cable is a highly automated subassembly that offers modularity and a rapid time to market. COMFORT+ cable offers increased flexibility, improved ergonomics and a field-proven cable design. 

COMFORT+ Cable Assembly
COMFORT+ Cable Assembly

TC-ZIF Connector

TC-ZIF is a high density, zero insertion force (ZIF), wire-to-board, 260-pin connector. Its proven reliability to support industry needs of 20,000 mating cycles and compact size makes it perfect for the portable ultrasound market. 

TC-ZIF Connector
TC-ZIF Connector
MP456P Imaging Diagnostic I/O Connector
MP456P Imaging Diagnostic I/O Connector


COMFORT EX cable advances ergonomics beyond the ease of COMFORT cable. By leveraging the latest in conductive materials, COMFORT EX coax cable delivers a more flexible, lighter weight and smaller diameter cable without compromising imaging performance. 

LIF Connector

High-density low profile tablet connector for ultrasound systems .

Digital Ultrasound

Next-generation digital probes that remove the cable as a constraint on performance and ergonomics. This innovation enables:

  • New probe form factors
  • Higher resolution
  • Greater ease of use

TE can help enable the disruptive shift to digital ultrasound probes with hybrid high-bandwidth cables, high-mate hybrid connectors, and thermal management. We also provide you with expertise in fine wire and fine pitch termination, to match our micro-miniature coaxial cable options.  

Core Competencies

  • Custom connector design
  • Custom PCB/PCBA
  • Full probe assembly


  • Application engineering
  • High-density connectors and cables
  • FDA-registered facilities
  • Cost-effective integrated solutions
  • In-house flex testing to provide long-term durability