Your Global Supply Partner

Partner with a leader in fine wire cable assemblies, energy catheters, medical grade heat shrink tubing, and precision molding and stamping. Our experienced engineers are located worldwide, ready to bring your big ideas to reality.

We connect with you worldwide. Our global locations reflect a legacy of innovation, product families you know and trust -Creganna Medical, AdvancedCath Manufacturing, AMP, Precision Interconnect, Raychem, and Measurement Specialties - and vast manufacturing capabilities. From advanced material science expertise to world-leading integrated connectivity and sensor solutions, we are there when you need us with precision design engineering to bring your medical device to market - fast. Our quality management systems and regulatory compliance meet and exceed industry standards. 


United States


  • San Jose: Our California, FDA-registered facility caters to all your medical heat shrink tubing development and manufacturing needs. From extrusion to single lumen, multilumen and profile configurations to braiding and balloon manufacturing, quality is inherent in all our products and processes.
  • Campbell: Our Campbell location is a center of excellence for emerging technologies that offers contract design, development and prototyping as well as component, sub-assembly and device manufacturing. We focus on technologies like extrusion, braiding, coiling, and medical balloons.


  • Wilsonville: This cable and assembly design and manufacturing center offers advanced development engineering for fine wire and high-performance medical cable assembly as well as advanced material science for heat-shrink tubing. With an ISO Class 8 Cleanroom, our manufacturing and assembly processes are FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified.
  • Portland: This location offers wire coating, laser welding and assembly operations, fixtures and tooling, in addition to design and manufacture of equipment.



  • Watertown: This FDA-registered facility with Class M8 clean room specializes in finished guidewires, finished catheters and wire components. Our guidewire manufacturing capabilities include stainless steel and nitinol grinding and mandrel, beam and deflection coiling with stainless steel, gold-plated tungsten and platinum. We can design and manufacture high-performance occlusion catheters, PTCA/PTA balloon catheters and dilation catheters.
  • Medway: Specializes in precision metal tubing and components. This facility stocks tubing and wire, custom size metal tubing, and precision cut to length metal. Technologies include, precision engineered metal tubing for surgical, endoscopy and large bore MI applications, wire components and micro metal components. 



  • Minneapolis: In our catheter development center, we can get you quickly from design to prototype to high-volume manufacturing of steerable, delivery, cardiac/EP mapping, and radio-frequency ablation catheters with fine wire and sensor integration. Our laser micro-machining, processing, cutting and welding capabilities are ideal for customization, durability, space saving and quick assembly.
  • Plymouth: Our Plymouth location is a center of excellence for structural heart therapies. We offer prototyping, braided shafts, medical balloons as well as component, sub-assembly and device manufacturing. In addition, we offer product development support as well as pilot manufacturing and volume manufacturing.



  • Harrisburg/Lickdale: Continuing with TE's AMP legacy of quality and innovation, our Pennsylvania facilities develop connectors and electromechanical components and assemblies for your medical devices. Three specialized centers - stamping, plating, molding engineering center; single-use development center; and rapid prototyping center - enable us to deliver an extraordinary customer experience and top-notch design engineering expertise to get you to market faster.

Costa Rica

  • San Jose: Our San Jose facility offers guidewire and catheter assembly as well as braiding expertise. It can produce single or multiple strands with flat wires and braid configurations of one over one, one over two, and two over two.
  • Heredia: This location offers wire, coil and metal shaft processing as well as finished devices and packaging and sub-assembly.


  • Guaymas: This site is FDA registered and compliant with ISO 13485, and specializes in molding and overmolding for connectors, electromechanical components and cable assembly.



  • Galway: Our Galway location offers contract design and development services, pilot and volume manufacturing as well as manufacturing transfers. We specialize in metal shafts, moldings, balloons and braiding. In addition, we also provide clinical and regulatory support.



  • Suzhou: An advantage of global reach is being close to emerging markets. Our Suzhou facility is located in an exciting growth market for the medical device industry and gives you quality assurance with our FDA and ISO certifications in our ISO Class 8 Cleanroom. This facility offers advanced development engineering for fine wire and high-performance medical cable manufacturing and assembly. 


  • Kawasaki: Our Kawasaki location is known for its connector engineering competency center and its engineers’ board design expertise. For devices in which failure is not an option, we spcialize in connectors and electromechanical components and assemblies that reliably perform in the harsh medical environment. 


  • Bangalore: This location provides manufacturing and assembly of connectors, cables and electromechanical components for your medical device needs. Our engineers will work with you to deliver design and connectivity solutions that are innovative and reliable.


  • Our Singapore location offers catheter processing and assembly, and volume manufacturing.

Sensor Engineering and Manufacturing

As your integrated solutions partner, we offer extensive capabilities within one company for more responsive service, greater collaboration, and an extraordinary customer experience. In addition to being a world leader in connectivity, we have broadened our portfolio of sensors and sensor-based systems to enable even more innovation and forward-driven technology in your medical devices.

Our dedicated sensor facilities are located in:

Andover, MN  Galway, Ireland Chengdu, China
Hampton, VA Bevaix, Switzerland Shenzhen, China