Advanced Catheter Solutions

Advanced Catheter Solutions

TE Connectivity (TE) is the leading source of advanced catheter systems, delivering high quality, fast response and superior integrated solutions.

TE brings best-in-class technologies with industry-leading expertise to bring your idea to life. TE’s catheter technology gives you more functionality and the ability to do more in a smaller space. Our integrated design and manufacturing process means a less complicated supply chain and lower costs for you, making your product more competitive in the global market.


When you need advanced catheters for use in cardiovascular applications, TE has the expertise to help you develop and manufacture cutting-edge delivery and access solutions. That’s because we have years of experience in the field of advanced catheter solutions and a team of highly skilled professionals who want to assist you with your needs quickly and while ensuring the quality of your product. TE brings significant expertise in advanced catheters used in cardiovascular applications.

  • PTCA balloon catheters
  • Stent delivery systems
  • Drug eluting balloon catheters
  • Atherectomy delivery systems
  • Thrombectomy catheters
  • Intravascular imaging and diagnostic catheters
  • Vascular closure devices
  • Guidewires

Peripheral Vascular

If you need advanced catheters used in peripheral vascular applications, you can trust TE's years of experience in advanced catheter solutions. Our highly skilled and collaborative team of professionals is ready to put their knowledge to work for you. TE's unique expertise and full complement of in-house technologies allow us to move quickly in providing advanced catheter systems for peripheral vascular applications.

  • PTA balloon catheters
  • AAA/TAA stent graft delivery devices
  • Advanced introducer systems
  • Vascular closure devices
  • Embolic protection catheters
  • Occlusion catheters
  • Specialty PTA catheters
  • Guidewires

Structural Heart

TE's engineering, materials science and miniaturization expertise, as well as our full complement of in-house technologies and rapid prototyping labs, enable us to move fast to provide advanced catheter systems for structural heart applications.

  • Percutaneous valve delivery systems
  • Valvuloplasty balloon dilation catheters
  • Introducer sheaths
  • Transeptal access
  • Transapical access
  • Sizing balloon catheters
  • Occlusion catheters
  • PFO closure delivery devices
  • LAA closure delivery systems
  • Guiding sheaths
  • Steerable sheaths
  • Dilation catheters


TE's experience developing and manufacturing advanced catheters has facilitated the manufacturing for electrophysiology applications.

  • EP diagnostic catheters – Mapping & ablation
  • Ablation catheter – Atrial fibrillation
  • Cryotherapy catheters
  • Introducer sheaths – Fixed curve, steerable & deflectable
  • Transeptal access systems
  • Imaging catheters – Standard & deflectable
  • Lead placement & implantation devices
  • Dilation catheters


TE's expertise in engineering and manufacturing advanced catheter solutions enables us to develop complex and miniature delivery access systems used in neurovascular applications.

  • Microcatheters
  • Stents
  • Coil and graft delivery systems
  • Embolization and occlusion catheters
  • Thrombolytic removal catheter