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In a world of uncertainties, technology is the one constant that continues to move us forward. Nowhere is this more evident than with the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), the system of uniquely identified interconnected devices that are enabled to transmit and share data over wireless networks. Bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds, the IoT is helping to create smart environments by linking these devices to everyday settings and tasks that help individuals, businesses and potentially whole societies, live in a smarter and more comfortable way - and it’s growing fast.

  1. Wireless Solutions for IoT

In this episode, Felisa Chuang, Product Manager RF Solutions, will discuss component of wireless technologies and the role they play in IoT market.

We recognize that antennas play a complex role in the dynamics of the IoT. As IoT ecosystems move to support high-density, low latency networks and continue to incorporate various new features into radios and overall system layouts, there is an even greater premium put on antenna system design. As a result, rather than view antennas as passive products – whether they are external or embedded – our engineers treat them as integral solutions in the creation of IoT applications and the creation of smart environments.


We are committed to identifying real world situations where the ability to effectively collect data and gather knowledge can lead to developing sustainable IoT solutions. To demonstrate how our engineers are focused on smart antenna system designs, it makes sense to look at two major trends in IoT applications: Smart Tracking and Smart Buildings.

  1. Wireless Connectivity Voice of Customer Insights (English)

We surveyed over 170 engineers to derive critical insights revealing the wireless connectivity trends, challenges, and requirements across the home and building automation, industrial IoT, security surveillance, smart energy management and health & medical devices.

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