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Taking "control" of Industrial Control Cabinets

Learn about how TE can help you solve many of the control cabinet connectivity and wiring issues.

Your One-stop shop

We offer an extensive product portfolio to address the requirements specific to Industrial Control Panels. Whether your company specializes in third-party control cabinet design and assembly, offers industrial control solutions as part of a broader system integration service, or fabricates and assemblies control panels in-house as part of larger industrial equipment, we can provide you with a one-stop solution for your control cabinet requirements.

Our portfolio includes terminals and splices, cable identification wire ties, heat shrink tubing and panel labels. We also offer push buttons and switches, panel plug-in relays, single- and 3-phase EMI filters, contactors, Ethernet connectivity products, and industrial switches, as well as CPC power and signal connectors and DIN rail terminal blocks.

Have you ever walked up to a Control Cabinet or Panel, looked inside and asked yourself: "I wonder who wired this thing up?" Excess wire balled up in the cabinet, poorly labeled wires and components or faulty wire termination due to poor terminal crimps can all contribute to the box looking more like a bird's nest of wires rather than a professionally wired Control Cabinet or Panel.


At TE, we have a broad portfolio of wire management products to help get "control" of your control cabinet. Our identification products provide wire management solutions and labeling & tagging options for most plant floor environments. Additionally, our wide array of terminals and splices, in combination with our tooling products help you have the right terminal for the right sized wire - all for a high-quality crimp.

The term "Dirty Power" refers to any abnormality in the power quality that is being delivered to a system. Whether that abnormality is a result of voltage variations, frequency variations, surges, or low power factor, the negative impacts on electrical systems can be profound. All electrical systems are based on a supply of power at a certain voltage and frequency. On a plant floor, production equipment and electronic devices associated with automation systems are selected based on this expected supply of power.


When the power that is delivered into a system does not match what the system components are expecting, production equipment can malfunction, prematurely fail, or not work at all. In situations where the "dirty power" is coming from the electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI), we can offer you a broad line of filters that provide solutions to your EMI or RFI signal issues to help your equipment function properly. Our line of power distribution blocks helps to manage power by splitting primary power circuits into a variety of branch circuits.


Seeking a quicker method for designing and specifying your DIN rail terminal block? Look no further than our self-service DIN rail terminal block configuration tool to quickly establish the Bill-of-Material (BOM) component parts you require. Once you electronically assembled the DIN rail solution you require, the tool will establish a unique new part number, which you can order directly from the factory. This is especially convenient if you have jobs with repeat, but unpredictable demand. Your purchasing manager will also appreciate your desire and ability to reduce the total amount of BOM component inventory required to support the business, in exchange for 1 part number. 

Virtually every control panel installed in an industrial application will require relays. Over the decades, manufacturers have designed relay products with DIN rail mount features to allow an installer to quickly and conveniently integrate relays into their designs. If you are looking for a supplier which offers the industry's most complete offering of relays and contactors with a wide range of performance and price, choose TE as your first stop in the search. We have over 200 years of experience and application expertise in relay development, production, testing, and certification.


Our portfolio includes globally recognized brands - such as SCHRACK, Potter & Brumfield, and OEG - to provide you with a wide range of panel plug-in relays, from dry to 30A applications. We operate manufacturing capabilities in more than twelve plants around the world and a global distribution infrastructure, giving you and your customers availability of product when and where the demand is required. If you have specific application needs which are outside of our standard offering, we have highly capable design and prototyping teams located around the world to assist you with a customized product to meet your specific needs. For greater convenience and speed to market, customers in the Americas have the added benefit of TE's UL certified electromechanical test lab in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Did you ever wish you could conveniently and safely test, measure, and/or monitor your circuits without interrupting the current or voltage flow? Well with our ENTRELEC "solution series" DIN rail terminal blocks, you can. When you specify and install our ENTRELEC "sliding link" terminal blocks, you can insert a meter into the test sockets on each side, then slide the link so the current flows through the meter. The AJS9 series are insulated and are available in 6 colors for convenient circuit identification. For additional convenience, the test socket accepts 4mm (0.157") diameter test probes.

Field wiring can be one of the most challenging tasks in an electrician's day. Conditions on a production plant floor are not optimal for reading blueprints or wiring schematics, pulling wires, or executing perfect terminations. Cramped quarters, poor lighting, and difficult access points to control cabinets can lead to miss-wired circuits, poor strip, crimp, and poke terminations, and sloppy wire management. We offer connectivity products that allow the electrician to wire up the control cabinet and panel on the bench; where power, signal, and communications wiring terminations exiting the panel are carried to panel mount receptacles.


Once pre-wired control panels are shipped and mounted in the production facility, field electricians and installers can easily and efficiently make final panel connections via quick disconnect mating panel connectors. Automation system installations take less time and the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) go smoother using connector solutions such as our Circular Plastic Connectors (CPC), Heavy Duty Connectors (HDC), M8/M12, and RJ45 connectors for the control panel.