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RF Connectivity Solutions: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

We offer rugged and smaller RF connectors, cable and wiring to reduce the size, weight and power (SWaP) of next-generation unmanned aerial vehicles and surveillance systems.

Doing More with Less. UAV or Unmanned vehicles have become an important mainstay in modern battle spaces, and next generation systems will continue to be required to do more with less size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP). Reducing SWaP is vital to longer mission deployments, greater fuel efficiency, and the ability to add additional surveillance and combat capabilities.


Size, Weight and Power

Lower component weight and size is important in taking missions further, faster, and to manage more complex payloads along the way. More bandwidth is required from these smaller, lighter components and systems to handle increasingly complex high-speed communications requirements and the need for greater functionality. And whether smaller or lighter, or both, all elements of unmanned vehicles need to be rugged enough to handle the rigors of battle.

Increasing Performance on Land, Sea, and Air

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground vehicles (UGVs), and underwater vehicles (UUVs) have different performance needs to meet specific mission requirements and withstand various harsh environments. TE Connectivity (TE) has been and remains a valuable partner in developing lighter, smaller, more rugged end-to-end connectivity and communications systems and components—all critical to avoiding communications bottlenecks and ensuring the reliability and success of the next generation of unmanned vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle?

A UAV, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, is a type of aircraft that operates without a human pilot on board. It is primarily developed for military operations but has found widespread use in various industries. UAVs are commonly equipped with cameras, sensors, and much more, making them versatile tools for aerial tasks. 


Is a UAV a drone?

A UAV, or Unpiloted Aerial Vehicle, is a broader term encompassing all unmanned aircraft. Both UAVs and drones are commonly used interchangeably, although the distinction between the two terms is not always strict and they might be used with slight differences in meaning for practical purposes.


Who controls a UAV?

UAVs, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are remotely controlled by human operators either from another vehicle or from ground control stations. These operators send commands using radio communication or rely on on-board computers for autonomous operation.