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flight control and landing gear


Flight Control and Landing Gear Sub-assemblies

We offer high-quality connectors for mechanical, hydraulic and fly-by-wire flight control systems and landing gear components for military aircraft.

Fly with a higher level of confidence. Modern flight controls combine mechanical, hydraulic, and increasingly fly-by-wire systems to manage flight control surfaces, landing gear, and other mechanisms. As the sophistication of these controls increases, so do the requirements for faster processing speeds and smaller, lighter, and more reliable solenoids, sensors, and actuators.


Making It Work Together Flawlessly

Mission-Critical Flight and Precision Targeting.

While the seeker/guidance section tracks the mission to target, the electronic control box performs the basic function of keeping the missile on track.  Flight controls must monitor airframe dynamics and adjust flight parameters. Flight Control systems deal with every section of the missile. They must be well protected against EMI, not only generated within the system but from external countermeasure sources. Increasingly, controls are distributed to bring intelligence closer to the sensors and actuators. Reliable, high-speed communications between various subsystems is critical.