Connected in Harsh Environments

We deliver reliable connectivity and sensing products designed to withstand harsh environments in truck and off-highway applications - where failure is not an option.

Overcoming Rigors of Harsh Environments

The connectivity that’s become ubiquitous in passenger vehicles has come to industrial and commercial transportation — technology like GPS and entertainment systems, as well as safety features such as rear-view cameras. There’s a difference, however: the harsh environments under which industrial vehicles operate call for far more rugged connected systems. Sensors, connectors and relays must withstand dirt, moisture, salt and vibration endemic to industrial sites and long-haul operation. At the same time, there is demand for high reliability, as well as systems that can improve efficiency and safety.


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Our portfolio of rugged sensors, terminals, connectors, relays, and hybrid and electric mobility solutions withstand the rigors of the road and water — helping them operate smarter, safer, greener, and more connected. TE collaborates with engineers to redefine what’s possible using intelligent, efficient and high-performing products and solutions proven in harsh environments. 



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