Single-Pair Ethernet the infrastructure for IIOT

Reduce complexity, costs and enables you to go beyond existing borders.

TE Connectivity supports SPE as the infrastructure for IIoT. In today's world, we have many trends which provide
opportunities for our customers - miniaturization of devices, increased efficiency of devices and remote power feeding.

Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) provides a single open, scalable Ethernet-based network within an automation system.

In the past, multiple wires for fast 100 Mbps ethernet and even more wires for Gbps Ethernet were required. Now with SPE only two wires are needed for data and power. (PoDL, power over data line)  This significantly reduces complexity, costs and enables to go beyond existing borders. 

  1. Single Pair Ethernet (English)

Single Pair Ethernet, or SPE, enables Ethernet transmission with two wires, rather than eight. For years, TE Connectivity has been driving innovation in the automotive industry with this smaller, lighter, smarter technology. TE is now bringing SPE’s powerful advantages to the infrastructure for the Industrial Internet of Things.

  1. SPE Roundtable Webinar (English)

Rapid development of trends such as digitalization and smart automation technology requires rapid adjustment and positioning for the future. Within Industrial markets, TE is primed to answer these needs with innovations such as Single Pair Ethernet. Watch the webinar video to explore the solutions.

For years, TE Connectivity has been driving innovation with Single Pair Ethernet in the automotive industry. We are now bringing the powerful advantages of this smaller, lighter and smarter technology to the infrastructure for the Industrial Internet of Things.

“Single Pair Ethernet is the technology on which we will build the road to the future success of the IIoT,” says Eric Leijtens, vice chairman of the SPE partner network and global product manager, TE Connectivity

SPE is the starting point for new product developments and connectivity solutions Based on transmission standards in accordance with IEEE 802.3, the new single-pair Ethernet technology SPE has just been integrated into new generations of automobiles and replaces CAN and other bus systems there.

Controls, communication and safety functions are going to run uniformly on Ethernet in the future. Now it is time to bring these advantages to industrial automation. 

As ENABLER of IIOT it allows barrier-free communication from the sensor to the cloud. It provides MOVEMENT FREEDOM to applications and makes MINIATURIZATION possible with PoDL and hybrid connector solutions. SPE facilitates an OPEN ECOSYSTEM, allows REALTIME and HIGH SPEED COMMUNICATION connections up to 1 Gb/s and cable length up to 1000 meter for 10 MB/s.

  • IP20 and IP67 connector solutions.
  • TE’s Data solution with PoDL capabilities up to 50W.
  • TE’s hybrid power data solution (Power levels beyond PoDL 24V up to 100W and 48V up to 400W) for easy power distribution (utilizing existing power infrastructures.


SPE Industrial Partner Network

TE Connectivity is proud to be a founding partner of the SPE partner network. Together with all members we are driving this technology to become a standard in the industry. The SPE/T1 Partner Program brings together strong brands for the purpose of jointly communicating and positioning the technology of Single Pair Ethernet on the industrial market. The Single Pair Ethernet market is being developed to open up new business opportunities. For users, this means a simple picture of IIoT in conjunction with Single Pair Ethernet, with clarity and transparency across the board – from standardization to the components and devices and through to the applications.