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Soaring to new heights

TE's Aerospace Systems Solutions Lighten-the-Load, Save Space and Boost Performance. TE is your advantage for performance, lower costs and greater efficiency in designing, building and maintaining aircraft electronic interconnects.

Innovating for the next generation of aerospace. Whether it’s a corporate jet, a helicopter or a military aircraft, we are continually innovating to give you the best combination of cost, increased reliability and performance. We lead the industry in innovation by bringing together expertise in materials, processes, physics and manufacturing. We use sophisticated computer modeling of the magnetic, thermal, mechanical and electrical parameters of a design to ensure optimum performance. Then we engineer the product for easier use, longer reliability and lower applied cost. 

Faster, Smarter Connectivity for more Intelligent Aircraft

Controlling aircraft design and operation costs is an increasing challenge for the commercial aerospace industry. TE consistently delivers proven value and performance and increasingly lighter weight solutions for customer applications.

By applying our materials science technology and other core capabilities, TE provides component design, as well as low cost, turn-key finished assemblies no matter what the technology challenge - higher speeds, greater bandwidths, higher currents, higher voltages, etc.

commercial aerospace
Serving the commercial aerospace industry since 1941, we put a premium on innovation when helping solve tough design problems. Talking to us early in your design cycle gives you the full benefit of our expertise.
Hovering Over the Competition

TE is an integral part of the civil rotary industry that depends on products that are reliable, technologically-advanced and cost-effective.

We put our expertise in materials science to work in creating cables and connectors that are smaller and lighter to save weight and open new capabilities. Improving the performance of our interconnects enables advancements in everything from high-speed avionics and flight systems, to networking and sophisticated communications.  

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Rely on our 50 years plus of experience in helping aerospace applications push the performance envelope.
Fly Higher. Stay Longer.

Success in today’s rugged avionics environment is more than a thorough understanding of your own products. Success demands an equally sophisticated understanding of the application and how well your product interacts as part of an overall integrated system.

We understand the complex system protocols, key electrical parameter requirements, and overall mechanical performance requirements of the military aerospace market.

As you look toward a holistic approach to system integration, count on TE for solutions and expertise in every system from avionics and flight control, to power and weapons systems, to electronic warfare and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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