Basic Requirements Information

What LED holder do I need for my CoB LED? 
Please see application specification 114-32208


How far is the optic away from the Light Emitting Surface (LES) off the LED?
All our LED holders have a landing zone for optics, this is 3.5mm from the heatsink. To measure the distance from the LES is then 3.5 mm minus the height of the LED LES.

Are there halogenated materials in the LED holders? 
No, the LED holders are halogen free


Can I get a sample of a LED holder? If yes, how?
On our website offer the possibility to order samples for most products. Navigate to a part number page where you will find a button to request a sample (if applicable)

For some CoB LEDs, more than one holder fits specification 114-32208, what is the preferred option?

The preferred parts are printed in bold


Why are there preferred and non-preferred CoB LED holders?
This is because of new developments, the newest development is preferred, and older developments are still available until most customers have shifted to the newer development product. Typically, the newly developed product is backwards-compatible.


Do TEs LED holders meet the Zhaga standard?
All our circular LED holders match the Zhaga footprint for the screw-pitch and also match the height. Some of the Z50 LED holders have Zhaga certification.

Some LED holders have tape to hold the CoB LED and some have a spring-clamp, why?

The CoB LEDs with the same external dimensions from different suppliers have different tolerances, some are too large for the spring clamp to work optimum. The tape solution is not dependent of these tolerances.