Featured Product: VITA 87 High Density Circular MT Connectors

TE Connectivity launches VITA 87 High Density Circular MT Connectors

New product line offers higher density for next-generation embedded systems


HARRISBURG, Pa. – Feb 07, 2024 – TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, continues to be at the vanguard of the industry with the design and optimization of military aerospace and defense embedded systems following the launch of its new VITA 87 High Density Circular MT Connectors.       .


This new product line features 12 to 24 fiber options, housing up to 96 fibers within a compact size 15 shell with 4 MTs – a stark contrast to the J4 interconnect in SOSA open systems architecture, which fits just 11 fibers in a larger size 19 shell. By providing drastically increased fiber counts within a smaller footprint adhering to standard dimensions, TE’s VITA 87 standard product line helps enable next-generation systems to meet stringent size, weight and power requirements while supporting the high bandwidth needs of emerging data-intensive capabilities.


"Previous market solutions used much larger circular MIL Spec connectors; however, newer architectures demand much higher density to fit into industry-standard card and backplane slots," said Doug Rhode, engineer in TE's Aerospace, Defense & Marine Division. "The new VITA 87 High Density Circular MT Connectors address this need and offer a significant improvement over the options available today."


The new product line meets the VITA 87 and the SOSA Technical Standards, to help ensure TE customers’ supply demands can be achieved and they can design their systems confidently. These new connectors, available in both physical contact and lensed versions, cater to a diverse array of high-density applications. Their versatility extends from MIL fiber optics cable assemblies to optical add-on and option cards, as well as to a range of ruggedized uses involving the MIL-STD 38999 interface.


"The launch of the VITA 87 High Density Circular MT Connectors is an example of TE’s commitment and ability to develop industry-leading connectivity solutions," said Brent Hatfield, product manager in TE's Aerospace, Defense & Marine Division. "And as the industry continues to experience rapidly growing bandwidth requirements, TE will continue to focus on advancing our interconnect capabilities to enable the high-performance embedded systems our customers require now and into the future."


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