New Product: Next Generation Charging Cable Assemblies

Next Generation Charging Cable Assemblies

Next Generation Charging Cable Assemblies

TE's next generation of charging cable assemblies for hybrid and electric vehicles meet the requirements of international charging standard IEC 61851-1/-22.

October 18, 2016

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensor solutions, announced today a set of next generation cable assemblies for hybrid and electric vehicles. The new charging products are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the international charging standard IEC 61851-1/-22. This standard defines several types of on-board vehicle interfaces such as type 1 for North America and Japan and type 2 for Europe with two charging modes including any wall power outlet, at home for example, and high-performance charging stations.

TE’s new charging cable assemblies include a high-performing connector and cable with an in-cable control box (ICCB), and a power plug to be customized according to regional power outlet standards. The charging cables are IEC 62752 (IEC 23E/743/CD: 2012) certified for the most recent extended safety requirements.

The size of the ICCB is reduced for easier handling and is optimized for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for better performance. The unit complies with the European, North American and Japanese market certifications. An integrated current circuit breaker in line with current standards reinforces user safety. The power plug features an integrated temperature sensor that monitors the infrastructure connection for added protection and safety.

TE is currently developing the third generation of charging cable assemblies in compliance with IEC 62752, which demands an even more robust design with mechanical influences and sealing requirements. These charging cable assemblies are expected to launch in 2017.

Together with the charging inlet portfolio, TE offers a complete charging system which sustains the development of hybrid and electric vehicles. With proven experience in automotive connectivity systems and high-voltage electricity, combined with developing innovative components needed for alternative fuel vehicles, TE actively drives green mobility and the supporting infrastructure.

From grid to vehicle and charging infrastructure to vehicle interfaces, TE is engaged early in a constant process of innovation along the entire value chain and offers a complete line of class-leading products, including terminals, connectors, relays, contactors, cable assemblies, sensors and battery protection components.

Product highlights
• Conformity with international charging requirements
• Reduce size for easier handling
• Optimized EMC for better performance
• Regionally customizable power plug
• Integrated temperature sensor
• Integrated current circuit breaker

Typical applications In hybrid and electric vehicles:
• Type 1: North-America and Japan
• Type 2: Europe
       - Mode 2: standard wall outlet
       - Mode 3: high performance charging station 

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