Driving E-Mobility

Driving e-mobility

Addressing technical challenges for vehicle electrification – check out our latest white paper.

Consumer demand for electric vehicles (EV) has reached an inflection point. Newly announced models sell out in a matter of minutes, and the cost of ownership continues to fall to affordable levels. Today’s EVs are cleaner and far more efficient than their traditional internal-combustion-engine (ICE) counterparts, offering faster acceleration, instant torque, and a much better driving experience. 


Despite the increased interest and excitement, some nervousness about EVs remains. Drivers have become more concerned with “charging anxiety,” rather than “range anxiety.” Charging anxiety has to do with availability, or lack thereof, of public, high-powered charging stations and the amount of time it takes to fill up an electric vehicle’s battery.


While the industry works to fix the infrastructure issues, TE Connectivity and its OEM customers worldwide are addressing the time-to-charge concern by creating solutions and building new EV architectures that enable fast, high-power, and megawatt power transfer capable of replenishing a car’s battery in as little as 10 minutes.