Driving Innovation Across the Enterprise

Driving Tech Innovation in Customer Industries

Our engineering leaders partner with customers worldwide to design next-generation technology. Together, we develop the robust, rugged solutions enabling fast, efficient, and reliable connectivity in data, power, signal, and wireless systems.

Our engineering leaders are committed to helping customers achieve business value through innovation in engineering, manufacturing, and materials. As the most technically accomplished members of our engineering community, our Fellows, Chief Technology Officers, and Subject-Matter Experts serve as mentors to colleagues and partners to customers. Their specialized capability and knowledge enables them to play a crucial role in leading the development of technology that is making the world safer, sustainable, productive, and connected.

Martin Bayes, Engineering Fellow, Materials Sciences

Martin Bayes

Fellow, Materials Sciences

Martin is a materials subject matter expert (SME) with wide-ranging experience in metallization and imaging technologies, ceramics and 3D printing materials, with responsibilities ranging from novel material and process development to “day to day” troubleshooting support for TE business units.

Engineering Specialty
Electrolytic and electroless plating processes and formulation
Printed circuit board fabrication and performance
Materials characterization 
Materials environmental compliance

Focal Applications
Identification and characterization of new separable contact finishes
Identification of early-stage material technologies relevant to TE
Linkage of TE product roadmaps to requirements for new materials and application processes
Materials sustainability

Ask Martin About
Plating and corrosion
Hazardous substance substitution
Printed circuit board materials
Solderability testing
Electrochemical test methods
Failure analysis

Articles Martin has Written
“Effects of Conductor Surface Condition on Signal Integrity”, Circuit World, 30(3), 11-16, 2004 
“The Relationship between Phosphorus Content and Physical Properties of Electroless Nickel Deposits”, Trans. Inst. Metal Finishing, 69(4), 140-144, 1991

Isabell Buresch, Engineering Fellow, Automotive

Isabell Buresch, PhD

Fellow, Automotive

Isabell specializes in evaluating and developing new material systems and coatings that make connector contacts and terminals more reliable and fit for future purpose. Her three decades of professional experience in surface and plating technology enables her to understand the intricacies of producing materials cost-efficiently using sustainable manufacturing processes.

Read Q&A with Isabell on innovation in automotive connectivity.

Developing materials for contacts used in automobile systems
Analyzing production for more efficient, cost-effective processes

Ask Isabell about
Plating and joining technologies
Analyzing materials and surfaces
Base materials and metal substrates, material systems, and coatings

24 patents
More than 60 articles authored

Guenter Feldmeier, Engineering Fellow, Industrial

Guenter Feldmeier

Fellow, Industrial

Guenter specializes in innovation for industrial communication, robotics, and I/O connectivity. He works closely with major industrial customers and technology partners to bring new and innovative products to market.

Guenter works at international standardization groups involved in electrical and electronical connectors and interconnections as well as electrical termination technologies like Crimp, IDC, Piercing, Spring Clamp, Press-In connection solutions. For more than three decades, he has served as a delegate, expert and working group chairman to VDE/DKE, IEC, and Cenelec.

Guenter received TE’s prestigious 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award for his nearly forty years of technical leadership and expertise. In addition to being a TE Fellow for the past decade, he amassed several distinctions: 40 granted patents, TE’s 2012 New Innovation Award, and 2016 Impact Innovation Award. His relationships with customers have helped drive competitive advantages that increased TE’s influence in the field of Industrial Communication.

Industrial Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) 1 Gbps
Advanced Physical Layer (APL) 10Mbps for 1000m
M12 x-coded, mini I/O Cat-6a 100 Mbps - 10 Gbps
Automation IO connectors
Industrial power and signal and communication connectors

Industrial Internet, IIoT
Industry 4.0
Cyber Physical Systems

Ask Guenter about
Industrial communication
Sensor to the cloud
Industrial wireless, 5G ACIA
Electrical termination technologies
Industrial standards

Dave Helster, Engineering Fellow

Dave Helster

Fellow, Data and Devices

Dave specializes in helping customers innovate for high-speed connectivity in data centers.

Read Q&A with Dave on solving for high-speed connectivity in data centers.

Data center servers, storage, and switches
Hardware accelerators
Wireless systems

Sean Lewington, Engineering Fellow, Energy

Sean Lewington

Fellow, Energy

Sean specializes in the development & design of new high-performance materials for harsh environments that make cable accessories & other insulating products more reliable, easier to install, longer lifetime & future proof. His many decades of professional experience in material science & technology enables him to understand the complexity of designing materials for cost effective & sustainable manufacturing.

Read Q&A with Sean on solving for innovation in energy performance.

Designing anti-tracking/hydrophobic elastomeric & polymeric formulations for the power industry. Failure analysis & problem analysis methodology. Silicone rubber technology

6 patents

Ask Sean About
Silicone rubber technology
Design of materials for harsh environments
Sealants & adhesives
Failure analysis & problem solving

Matt McAlonis, Engineering Fellow, Aerospace

Matt McAlonis

Fellow, Aerospace

Matt specializes in solving for power and signal connectivity, especially when it involves high-speed connectors, PCB interconnects, compliant pin technology, and VME/VPX system solutions.

Read Q&A with Matt on solving for connectivity in aerospace.

Rugged connector designs for aerospace

Spacecraft (manned and unmanned)
Aircraft (manned and unmanned)

Ask Matt about
Connector solutions for VPX architecture

Chad Morgan, Engineering Fellow, Data and Devices

Chad Morgan

Fellow, Data and Devices

Chad specializes in analyzing and designing high-speed, high-density components, as well as in developing signal integrity modeling, simulation, and measurement methods for characterizing digital and RF components. He is also focused on characterizing advanced conductor and dielectric materials electrically for high-speed signal transmission.

Read Q&A with Chad on solving for connectivity in data centers.

Electromagnetic interconnect modeling (FEA, TLM)
Full system simulation (SPICE, linear, convolution)
Component and system verification testing (TDR, VNA, BERT)
High-speed network analyzer measurement & de-embedding
High-speed right-angle and direct-plug orthogonal designs
Low-skew geometry modeling & novel solutions

Data center architectures (routers & switches)
Server architectures & disaggregation
Wireless backbone digital applications
High-speed, high-density digital component modeling
High-speed, equalized system simulation
Metal & dielectric electrical characterization at high frequency
External 28-112 Gbps cable assemblies (QSFP, OSFP, QSFP-DD)
Internal low-loss cable assemblies (Sliver cable assemblies)
Cabled backplane solutions (cabled STRADA Whisper connectors)

Ask Chad about
Choosing tools and methods for predicting performance
Achieving low insertion loss and crosstalk to 50 GHz
Removing unwanted resonances from components
Measuring high-frequency material characteristics
Selecting materials for high-speed

Read Q&A with Chad on solving for connectivity in communications
Read Q&A with Chad on solving for connectivity in communications
Read Q&A with Chad on solving for connectivity in communications
Read Q&A with Chad on solving for connectivity in communications
Read Q&A with Chad on solving for connectivity in communications
John Myer, Engineering Fellow, Automotive

John Myer

Fellow, Automotive

John specializes in developing value-adding terminal and connector solutions for automotive applications, using low-cost materials and processes.

Read Q&A with John on connectivity in automotive

Automotive terminal and connector design

Low-voltage miniaturized automotive terminals and connectors

Ask John about
Designing terminals and connectors
Surface mount headers and compliant pins
Contact physics

Helge Schmidt, Engineering Fellow, Automotive

Helge Schmidt

Fellow, Automotive

Helge specializes in designing contacts used in automotive applications.

Read Q&A with Helge on connectivity in automotive.

Ask Helge about
Contact designs and materials

Josef Sinder, Engineering Fellow, Transportation

Josef Sinder

Fellow, Transportation

Josef specializes in process improvement and process innovation in stamping, plating, molding and assembly.

Read Q&A with Josef on solving for improvements in manufacturing processes.

Ask Josef about
Manufacturing and automation
Stamping dies
Injection molds
Digital factory

Frank Smolko, Engineering Fellow, Global Operations

Frank Smolko

Fellow, Global Operations

Frank specializes in taking innovation concepts and developing them into functional, sustainable manufacturing processes.

Read Q&A with Frank on solving for innovation in manufacturing.

Manufacturing innovations (plating, stamping, molding)
Pilot and deployments in manufacturing
Sustainability optimization (energy, process water, chemicals)
Engineering and operational excellence

Ask Frank about
New opportunities with manufacturing transformation (digital factory)

Read Q&A with Frank on solving for innovation in manufacturing
Dave Wagner, Engineering Fellow, Sensors

Dave Wagner

Fellow, Sensors

Dave specializes in developing sensors – primarily MEMS-based sensors and electronic sensor systems.

Read Q&A with Dave on solving for connectivity in sensors.

Ask Dave about
Sensor requirements and trends


Bill Weeks, Engineering Fellow, Corporate Technology

Bill Weeks

Fellow, Corporate Technology

Bill helps customers solve for high-speed, ruggedized, small form factor and low-cost optical transceivers.

Read Q&A with Bill on solving for connectivity in technology.

End-to-end networking solutions for high speed communications

Aerospace systems
Transportation systems
Medical devices
Fiber optic sensing

Ask Bill about
Fiber optics
High speed communications
Networking - all types

Emily Zhang, Fellow, Global Operations

Emily Zhang

Fellow, Global Operations

Emily specializes in automation manufacturing technologies and AI innovations and solutions to serve TE’s manufacturing processes.

Areas of Engineering Specialty 
Automation Manufacturing Technologies
AI Technologies
Robotics and Machine Vision

Focal Applications 
Process Automation
AI & Machine Vision
AI Process Control and Optimization

Ask Emily About 
AI Applications in Manufacturing
Robotics and Machine Vision

Career Highlights
216 patents granted in 14 countries
24+ papers published in TE internal conferences and external

Davy Brown, VP & CTO, Industrial Solutions

Davy Brown

VP & CTO, Industrial Solutions

Davy Brown has served as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for TE Connectivity’s Industrial Solutions segment since 2017.

As the technical leader of the Industrial Solutions segment, Davy is responsible for the strategic direction of global engineering and product research and innovation within the Energy, Industrial, Medical, and Aerospace, Defence and Marine businesses.

Davy first joined TE in 2013 as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Telecom and Wireless businesses and continued that role after the merger and creation of Broadband Network Solutions (BNS). He then served as Senior Vice President, Research and Development of CommScope’s Connectivity Solutions business after its acquisition of BNS before returning to TE in 2017.

After beginning his career at British Telecom Research Labs, he has held senior technology leadership and executive roles in various technology companies spanning the semiconductor, software, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries. He also co-founded and served as CTO of Trinity Convergence, a multimedia communications company.

Davy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

Phil Gilchrist, VP & CTO, Communications Solutions

Phil Gilchrist

VP & CTO, Communications Solutions

Phil Gilchrist has served as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for TE Connectivity’s Communications Solutions segment since Oct 2017.

As the technical leader of the Communications Solutions segment, Phil is responsible for the strategic direction of global engineering and innovation, product research, engineering talent and digital process development within these business units: Data & Devices and Appliances.

Phil first joined TE in 2011 as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Enterprise business unit, moving on to be the CTO of TE’s Datacom business unit. He then served as General Manager of Optics and CTO of Data and Devices until becoming the CTO for the Communications Solutions Segment.

After beginning his career as the Co-Founder of a technology start-up, Phil held numerous senior technology leadership and executive roles at Motorola from 1999-2011 focused on software, chipset and platform product development.

Phil holds a Bachelor’s degree (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Stirling, Scotland.

Ralf Klädtke, VP & CTO, Transportation Solutions

Ralf Klädtke

VP & CTO, Transportation Solutions

Ralf Klädtke is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for TE Transportation Solutions. Appointed to the role in April 2021, Ralf has an extraordinary background of accomplishment and success, including over 25 years of technology and leadership experience with global technology companies.

As technical leader of the Transportation Solutions segment, which includes the Automotive, Industrial & Commercial Transportation, Sensors and Application Tooling business units, Ralf is responsible for providing thought leadership and guidance around the future innovation, growth plans and portfolio investments for the organization, as well as in guiding the segment’s technology roadmap. In addition, he partners with the Chief Technology Officers within each of the Transportation Solutions’ business units to build and develop high performing teams and to ensure that the engineering organization is able to capitalize on future growth opportunities.

Ralf was previously Co-CEO and CTO of ZKW Group, a leading provider of lighting systems and electronics for the automotive industry. Prior to ZKW, he served as Executive Board member, Mobile Transportation Technology, for Schaltbau Holding AG; President and CEO, for Airbus DS Optronics GmbH and Carl Zeiss Optronics GmbH; and Vice President, Reusable Launcher / Security & Defense Germany, for EADS SPACE (now Airbus Defence and Space).

Ralf is a former captain in the German Air Force and also held Director roles with the German Space Agency (DARA/DLR) and MAN Technologie where he was the European Program Manager of the X-38 / Crew Return Vehicle. Ralf holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Bundeswehr in Munich, Germany.

Erin Byrne, VP & CTO, Sensors

Erin Byrne

VP & CTO, Sensors

Erin specializes in leading teams that co-create with customers to solve critical problems using multi-disciplinary approaches.

Read Q&A with Erin on innovation in connectivity.

Executing on product and technology roadmaps to deliver differentiated value

Sensors for IIoT and Medical
Cloud computing

Ask Erin about

MEMS-based sensors
How data and sensing meet at the network edge

Greg Fehribach, VP & CTO, Industrial & Commercial Transportation

Greg Fehribach

VP & CTO, Industrial & Commercial Transportation

Greg leads the development of product solutions for the transportation and off-highway markets.

Application Tooling
Commercial Transportation
Industrial Equipment

Ask Greg About
The future of electrification and autonomous control of the commercial and industrial markets.

Jamie Janawitz, VP & CTO, Aerospace, Defense, & Marine

Jamie Janawitz

VP & CTO, Aerospace, Defense, & Marine

Jamie leads a global team that specializes in the development and commercialization of next-gen power and signal connectivity solutions across the electrical, optical, and RF domains.

Executing and accelerating product roadmaps to deliver differentiated value

Defense (Land & Marine)

Ask Jamie about
Lean product development
The future of air & space travel

Alex Megej, VP & CTO, Industrial

Alex Megej

VP & CTO, Industrial

Alex leads a global team focused on solving for reliable connectivity in harsh industrial environments.

Read Q&A with Alex on enabling innovation in industrial connectivity.

Wired and wireless connectivity
Sensor systems


Ask Alex about

System design: Mechanics, electronics, firmware
Technology and strategy development
R&D effectiveness

Books and Articles Alex has written

Integrated Microwave Sensors for Cavity-length Measurement in Machine Engineering

40+- articles and patents (see bibliography)

Christian Pellon, VP & CTO, Appliances

Christian Pellon

VP & CTO, Appliances

Christian leads a global team that partners with customers in developing innovative solutions for the home appliance market.

Areas of Engineering Specialty 
New Product Development
NPD Processes
3-D Printing

Focal Applications 
Major Home Appliances
Small Appliances

Ask Christian About 
New Product Development
Solid Modeling
Molded Plastic Component Design
Stamped Metal Part Design
Spring Design

Thomas J. Schoepf, VP & CTO, Energy

Thomas J. Schoepf

VP & CTO, Energy

Thomas leads a global team that develops innovative connectivity solutions for sustainable energy networks.

End-to-end customer-centric innovation
Research and development

Overhead power grid solutions
Underground cable networks
Industrial power solutions
Railway power solutions
Nuclear power solutions
Wildfire and asset protection
Wildfire mitigation
Substation solutions

Ask Thomas about
Electrical power networks and systems
Electrical systems design
Technology and strategy development

Alexandra Spitler, CTO, Application Tooling

Alexandra Spitler

CTO, Application Tooling

Alexandra leads a global team that develops tooling solutions to provide reliable, precision terminations to enable connectivity solutions across various industries.

Product and Process Development Engineering

Crimping technologies
Pin insertion/press fit
Magnet wire
Hand tools

Ask Alexandra about
Connector design
Cable assembly
Circuit board assembly

Mike Tryson, VP & CTO, Data & Devices

Mike Tryson

VP & CTO, Data & Devices

Mike leads the global data and devices engineering team, partnering with the data centers around the world to develop their interconnect solutions and architectures.  


Engineering strategy and execution excellence 
System engineering, optics, and high-speed smart materials  Micro-electronics 


High-speed data communications 
Optical transportation 
Data center architectures 

Ask Mike about 

System design and architecture 
Optics science 
Technology roadmaps
Engineering program management and best practices  

Innovation Badge Program

Recognizing Engineering Milestones

Our 8,000 engineers innovate every day and one way they showcase their ingenuity is through the patents they obtain during their time at TE Connectivity. Our Innovation Badge Program recognizes our global innovators for their outstanding ability to generate intellectual property (IP) for TE. Since 2010, TE has recognized innovators who have reached established milestones in generating IP through identifiable physical and digital badges.

Innovation Badge Program