connected life trends paper

Creating the Connected Life

At work and play, on and off the road, in our homes and in the air, connectivity is transforming our lives in ways that make people safer, their lives richer and paths more easily crossed.

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Connectivity has the power to entertain and add comfort to our lives — but it also makes our lives safer and the planet greener. Connected cars and aircraft operate safely and reduce harmful emissions. Connected factories are more efficient and allow workers to create innovative new products and solve problems faster. To meet the high expectations for connected devices, manufacturers need hardware that is completely reliable and cannot fail; is small, light, and multi-functional; and offers affordability at high volume. In response, solution providers are increasingly looking across many industries for knowledge to help innovate and solve problems in their market as connectivity needs and end-user expectations continue to converge. In this paper, you’ll learn more about the critical role that such technology plays in the creation of the connected life — and how sensors, connectors and other components are making every connection count.