Building Stronger Communities Around the World

Our grant system is currently closed and will reopen for applications in December 2019 for our fiscal year 2020 grant season (December 2020 - April 2020).

At TE Connectivity, our goal is to have a meaningful impact in the communities where we live and work. Organizations may request funding from TE Connectivity. The first step is completing our online community support application. Please see more information below about our applications timeline, criteria and requirements. 


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Our grant system is currently closed and will reopen for applications December 2019 for our fiscal year 2020 grant season (December 2019 - April 2020).


Grants will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis throughout the year. Applications are reviewed on local council timelines which vary by location. TE Connectivity cannot gurantee a timeline for award decisions.


Please note: this application only applies to funding from TE Connectivity Corporation. The TE Connectivity Foundation does not accept applications.


Applicants must be a registered nonprofit, charitable organization, educational institution or jurisdiction equivalent and be able to provide documentation. TE evaluates proposals based on the following criteria, among other factors. Please also visit the links below to learn more about our community giving program.

  • Alignment with TE Connectivity purpose and values
  • Alignment with community giving focus areas of 1) education and technology or 2) health and human services
  • Opportunities for employee engagement
  • Proximity to a TE facility


Application Requirements

Applicants should also consider TE's different programs and apply to the most appropriate one (please see "Programs" and "About" tabs in the application portal). Each applicant will be prompted to claim their organization and complete an eligibility quiz prior to completing the community support application. Applicants should also be prepared to provide:

  • Contact information for an individual who works at your organization (preferably the individual in charge of fundraising)
  • General information on your organization (mission, reach, impact, major donors)
  • A description of how this grant would support your organization
  • Information on any TE employees affiliated with your organization and funding your organizations has received from TE in the past (if applicable)
  • A copy of your organization’s 501c3 verification letter and W9 (for United States organizations), or your country’s equivalent nonprofit registration documentation (for organizations outside of the United States)