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Enabling Automation at Home and Work

In the smart home and intelligent building, lighting fixtures reduce carbon emissions and security systems respond to voice commands. Right now, new products are coming to market that are changing how we interact with our personal and professional spaces.


In our solutions guide, you can learn about the TE products enabling innovation in home and building automation. Also on, you can see the TE products engineered for smart home technology.


Making homes safe and convenient – and workplaces integrated and efficient. We are experiencing new levels of automation and connectivity in nearly every part of our daily lives. From smart appliances embedded with sensors that detect malfunctions to internet-enabled security systems with 5G antennas that deliver high-clarity transmissions, technology is making our personal lives easier and our professional lives more productive. Our living and working spaces provide more than shelter: The proliferation of sensor technology and advanced connectivity solutions are enabling home designers, appliance manufacturers, and building engineers to create connected ecosystems that meaningfully integrate our crucial activities.


At TE, we design and manufacture the highly engineered electrical components at the center of the smart home and intelligent building. Our components allow home systems to automate routine tasks and integrate more data and power into the connected devices we use to manage the critical systems – HVAC, lighting, and security – making our lives comfortable and convenient. Every day, around the world, we are working closely with innovation leaders and technology entrepreneurs to build solutions that helping make a better tomorrow possible.

Building entry system
When developing new solutions for automating technology, designers also need to consider all available options for powering the home and building systems.