White Paper - The Impact of Antennas on Wireless IoT End-Device Certifications

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The Impact of Antennas on Wireless IoT End-Device Certifications

Antenna performance is critical to achieving wireless IoT device product certification. Gain insights into the complexity of multi-level product certifications and how to design or select an antenna to meet the requirements for a successful launch to market.

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The development of wireless technology has enabled the rapid explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Before an IoT end-product can be launched into the market, it needs to successfully go through multiple levels of complex certification approval processes to certify the product is in compliance with government regulations and industry standards; safe to use; and is interoperable with other devices on the network. Certification approval processes can be time consuming and costly, and failure to pass leads to longer product development time, higher cost, and further delay of market launch. 


Antennas are one of the most essential parts of a wireless IoT device and the antenna’s performance is critical to the success of product certification approval. Having a thorough understanding of the certification approval tests on the radiation performance of the wireless device helps in selecting or custom designing the right antenna to meet the required radiation performance and, ultimately, the success of product certification. 

This paper provides:

  • An overview of the complexity of the multiple levels of wireless product certifications 
  • How antenna performance requirements are decided by the regulatory restrictions and industry standards
  • Examples demonstrating how to design or select an antenna to meet the restrictions and requirements for product certification 
  • The value of partnering with TE early in the design phase


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About the Author


Dr. Jane Yun

Antenna Solution Architect, TE Connectivity (TE)

Dr. Jane Yun is an Antenna Solution Architect for TE’s Data and Devices Business Unit. She supports the antenna business from a technical standpoint. Jane joined TE in 2014, and comes with over 20 years of industry and academia experience in RF, wireless communications, automotive, and satellite communications. Jane holds a Ph.D. in Wireless and Antenna Technologies. She has published over 10 patents and more than 30 research papers.

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