LUMAWISE Endurance S

LUMAWISE Endurance S

TE Connectivity's (TE) LUMAWISE Endurance S module is a new compact connectivity solution for smarter street lighting applications reducing the complexity of the architecture.

The LUMAWISE Endurance S module reduces the complexity of street lighting architecture by removing the need for auxiliary modules and the associated wiring. The LUMAWISE Endurance S module consists of a standardized interface between the receptacle and module base or sealing cap. Which uses an integrated single gasket that can accommodate and seal both luminaire and module, using the same connection interface for either 40mm or 80mm diameter central management systems.

Specifically for outdoor LED light sources and drivers the LUMAWISE Endurance S has been designed as a standalone system and can be used in a complementary function as an auxiliary sensor module when additional functionality is required in ANSI/NEMA based fixtures. Installation is easy and fast due to its simple push-and-twist lock feature which does not require any special tools and can be completed using one hand. The LUMAWISE Endurance S module can be mounted in any direction and offers improved sealing when compared to other systems. Modules can be exchanged and upgraded in only a few seconds without having to electrically isolate the lighting pole.


  • Street and Road Lighting
  • Outdoor Luminaries
  • Photo Controls
  • Central Management Systems
  • Other sensor modules e.g. occupancy


  • Compact size allowing greater flexibility in luminaire design
  • Improved sealing to achieve IPx5 and IPx6 with no mounting screws
  • Simple insert and rotate to lock feature, no tooling needed and one handed operation to install allows luminaries to be simply and quickly upgraded
  • Reduces architecture complexity
  • Flexible mounting position. Upwards, downwards and sideways facing
  • Scalable solution allows use of Ø40 mm photocell and a Ø80 mm CMS with the same connection interface
  • Poke-in contacts reduces logistics issues with needing different wire lengths for different luminaires
With an increased use of LED in outdoor applications comes a growing need for control of the LED for efficiency, maintenance and cost savings.
Jonathan Catchpole,
System Architect, Intelligent Buildings
  1. LUMAWISE Endurance S modules video

Check out this video on the LUMAWISE Endurance S module; a new compact connectivity solution for smarter street lighting applications reducing the complexity of the architecture.