FXP Power Connector

FXP Connector Series - Lighter, smaller and more electrical capacity

The FXP Series is the rugged power connector for all mission critical power applications on rolling stock. Designed according to the latest European standard EN 50467 which includes requirements for fire and smoke compliancy EN 45545-2, IP66 and IP68 rating. By allowing multiple combinations with just ten variants this connector series saves weight, space and contains more electrical capacity up to 650 amps, 4000 volt.

The Railway market’s trend on weight reduction, dimension restrictions and electrical increasing capacity is creating a strong demand for creative solutions. TE Connectivity has developed the FleXible Power (FXP) Rail Power Connector Series providing a lighter, smaller connector series with enhanced electrical capacity against prior generations.

FXP Power Connector Features

  • Multiple possible configurations with just 10 connector variants
  • Multiple contact sizes supporting a wide range of cable cross-sections from 50 up to 300 mm²
  • Partitioned version provides effective EMI protection when used with permanent magnet motor (PMM) configurations
  • Designed and compliant according to EN 50467
  • For use with unshielded and shielded cables
  • Over voltage safety features (i.e. Pernament Magnet Motor)
  • Halogen-free
  • Rated current: up to 650A
  • Service Voltage: Up to 4000V (OV3PD3 according to EN 50124-1/A2)
  • Protection Index: IP66 and IP68
  • Service temperature: -55°C / +100°C
  • Salt spray resistance: 500 hours
  • Mating cycles: 500
  • Shock and vibration proof up to EN 61373 category 2
  • Fire and smoke performance EN 45545-2 HL3 R22/R23


  • Traction Motor Systems
  • Inter-vehicle Applications
  • Converters/Electrical box Outlets
  • Permanent Magnet Motor Applications
  • Underframe/Roof Applications
  • Train Line Power Applications
  • Auxiliary Power Supply



Water Ingress protection


Up to 650 Ampere


Up to 4000 Volt


  • Weight and space reduction compared to prior generation products which contributes to lower energy consumption and more compact design of electrical system
  • Common components across the range to provide flexibility in design and production which saves assembly time, lower lifecycle and operating costs (LCC)
  • Multiple possible configurations with just 10 connector variants allowing flexible  design solutions
  • Can be used for Static and dynamic applications which creates multiple design possibilities
  • Over voltage safety features to ensure passenger safety
  1. FXP Series (English)

TE Connectivity is introducing the FXP – designed by DEUTSCH – lighter, smaller and with more electrical capacity. A specific partitioned version is also available for Permanent Magnet Motor connection, the latest motor generation.