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Sensors for Industrial Machinery

Learn how TE Connectivity (TE) sensors are used within harsh conditions for industrial machinery applications.

As today’s factories evolve into more IIoT friendly facilities, there is a growing focus on how sensors in industrial machinery can increase efficiency and productivity.  TE Connectivity’s (TE) pressure, position, temperature, speed and vibration sensors play a variety of essential roles within machinery on the factory floor. The functions of these sensors allow facilities to utilize best practices including predictive maintenance, asset monitoring, machine and process automation to confirm decreased downtime and increased profitability for manufacturers. Additionally, TE’s sensors are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures or dirty surroundings while still accurately measuring and monitoring machinery.      

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TE offers many pressure sensing options to monitor various pressure needs within industrial machinery applications. For IIoT-enabled factories, the M5600 wireless pressure transducer from TE's Microfused line is enclosed in a stainless steel and polycarbonate housing and is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments.  For monitoring hydrualic pressure, the M3200 pressure transducer, with analog or digital output, is suitable for measurement of liquid or gas pressure, even for difficult media such as contaminated water, steam, and mildly corrosive fluids within industrial machinery.

Analog and Digital Transducers - The Advantages of Both


Analog and digital transducers are worlds apart in their technologies, interfaces, output signals, and the terminology used to describe and specify their operation. Download our whitepaper to learn more. 

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Position sensors play a critical role in many industrial machinery applications such as measurement within sawing and drilling equipment. These types of sensors are designed to provide highly precise measurements to control tool movement in industrial machinery. In particular, TE's AMR position sensor technology allows sensing elements to be used in harsh industrial environments where accuracy is still a high priority. In addition, cable-actuated position sensors, also known as string pots, are used within industrial machinery applications that require linear position measurement over stroke ranges as small as 1.5 inches up to 1,700 inches. These applications could include factory automation equipment and lift equipment. Linear Variable Displacement Transformers, or LVDT's, provide a reliable linear measurement solution for various industrial applications requiring high accuracy and reliability.      

  1. KMXP Series AMR Position Sensor Webinar Video

Learn about magnetoresistive sensor technology, the features and benefits of the KMXP series, and the various applications and industries in which the sensor can be used.

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Temperature sensing within industrial equipment is critical to confirm the health of the machinery. TE’s stator winding sensors allow consistent and precise thermal monitoring of industrial machinery, primarily within the motor applications. This continuous monitoring helps protect factory assets from causing downtime in production. In addition, TE’s RTD temperature sensors are designed for increased accuracy and sensitivity to temperature changes at the point of contact in bearings within machinery such as injection molding equipment. TE also offers noncontact thermopile temperature sensors for measuring high temperature processes.

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For industrial machinery applications, abnormal vibration is a leading indicator that maintenance is required. In some cases, increased vibration signals that service is needed immediately to decrease the chance of unscheduled downtime. TE offers accelerometer sensors which monitor equipment health within harsh environments. Our portfolio of accelerometers are manufactured to withstand the rigors of general industry applications yet precise enough to measure varying levels of vibration to confirm performance.

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