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Increasing Motor Performance through Sensors

Industrial Motor Sensors

Learn how sensors are providing data to improve efficiency and reliability of various types of industrial motors.

Bringing Efficiency to Your Motor Applications

From reducing unscheduled downtime to planning time for preventative maintenance, TE Connectivity’s (TE) sensor solutions measure and monitor industrial motor’s vibration, temperature and position to confirm your factory floor is operating efficiently. Accurate measurements in harsh environments and conditions expand the reach of sensors to various types of equipment and processes. More specifically, our engineered sensing solutions meet unique requirements in a variety of motor applications including large equipment operations to more precise functions. Additionally, sensors with multiple digital output signals and wireless sensor technologies are enabling factories to transform into smart, connected operations.

Sensors are key components in motor control systems. Download the Industrial Motors Infographic below to learn more.

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TE manufactures accelerometer sensors which monitor motor health for various industrial machines. Our family of accelerometers are designed to be rugged to withstand the rigors of general industry applications yet precise enough to measure varying levels of motor vibration to confirm performance.


  1. Reducing Costly Downtime: Accelerometers Transform Machine Maintenance (English)

Factories are becoming more autonomous and require sensors to monitor equipment on the factory. Watch this webinar to learn how sensors are capturing critical data for performance analytics, improved efficiency, lower costs, and better equipment utilization.

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TE offers a wide range of industrial temperature sensors for measurement, control and compensation. Our wide selection of temperature products includes high precision NTC thermistors, RTDs, miniature embedded probes, strator winding sensors and tip sensitive bearing sensors which are designed for efficiency and easy installation. With this wide variety of sensor technology, we are equipped to address temperature measurement needs within many motor application where accuracy and harsh environments are expected.

  1. Stator Temperature Sensor (English)

TE Connectivity's (TE) stator temperature sensors provide high stability for various applications including large motors.

  1. Industrial Motor Sensors Webinar (English)

China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative is promoting electricity demand in emerging markets in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. As the core equipment of the production, transmission, use and electric energy characteristic transformation, motors play an important role in all industries and sectors of modern society. And how is the sensor that is a key component of the motor control system to promote the development of industrial motors? Please watch this webinar.

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TE offers an industrial resolver portfolio which is compatible with a wide range of servo motor connectors and sensor applications. Highly reliable and highly precise angular position measurement are characteristics that are needed in industrial motor applications. With a compact and flexible design, TE’s industrial revolvers are a good fit for modern, high-precision control systems. The hollow shaft resolver has an above average service life and remains fully operable under extreme environmental conditions. 


angular accuracy in arc min


maximum rotational speed in rpm


maximum operating temperature in degree Celsius

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