P-Clamps Enabling Next Generation Cable Assembly

TE Connectivity (TE) P-Clamps provide a light, fast, and efficient harness solution to cable mounting. Our ten TE P-Clamp sizes cover the full cable diameter range of 21 standard P-Clamp sizes. Faster install times and lighter weight give TE P-Clamps a lower applied cost than standard P-Clamps.

  1. TE Connectivity P-Clamp (English)

TE Connectivity (TE)’s P-Clamp enables next generation assembly, quick installation, and a flexible and ergonomic design. TE’s P-Clamp is the new solution for “tool-free” harness installation in military, aerospace, marine, and industrial applications.



• Faster installation time than standard AS21919 P-Clamps

• Quick-lock feature allows operators to quickly open and close the clamp as needed

• Minimizes risk of FOD (Foreign Object Debris) with hardware free locking mechanism


• Separate mounting and clamping features allow flexible and modular assembly processes

• Highly engineered PEEK material maintains strength without the weight

• 10 TE P-Clamp sizes cover the same range as 21 standard AS21919 P-Clamp sizes

• Weight savings opportunities compared to standard AS21919 P-Clamps


• Tool-less lock and unlock feature enables quick and comfortable harness installation and rework

• Operator comfort leads to faster cycle times


• Commercial Aviation
• Military Aerospace

• Military and Marine Vehicles

• Industrial Vehicles

• Rail

• Automotive