Cold Shrink Technology

As the pioneers of the heat shrink, we have been able to develop world-class cold shrink tubing products to suit applications where heat shrink is not preferred. Built on a history of authenticated performance and reliability, we go beyond the heat shrink technology to provide medium voltage cold-applied cable accessories for use with virtually every cable types and sizes. Our line of the medium voltage cold shrink tubing cables provides a "complete solution". This includes disconnectable splices, in-line splices, transition and trifurcating splices built for simplicity, performance and reliability.

TE's Raychem Cold Shrink Tubing

Cold shrinking has various advantages.

Generally, the silicone-rubber cold shrink offers high UV-resistance out of all the other kinds of cold or heat-applied tubings. This technology can, therefore, be used effectively in the outdoor, exposed environments, for example in trackside terminations to the rail power lines. The EPDM rubber is used in the cold-shrink tubings. This is much more corrosion resistant than the other cold or heat-applied products. This makes it suitable for direct burial applications like cable-to-cable jointing.

Cold shrink tubing also exhibits “active memory” seal characteristics. This means that the tubing always tries to return to its initial size and be able to maintain its adhesive capability around cables during expansion and contraction under temperature fluctuations and large load-swings.

Another advantage is that there is minimal risk to the installer since there is no direct heat or flame needed to install the components. This makes it even safer in environments where combustible gases are present. There is no need for hot-work permits while the reliability and quality of the installation are assured due to the fewer critical installation techniques. 

Cold Shrink Termination (CST)

One-Piece Cold Applied Terminations for Applications Up to 35 kV / 42 kV

The Total Solution CST offered by TE is a cold shrink; a one-piece termination that has an integrated stress control and a void-filling mastic. There is also a long-neck version (CST-L) which accommodates the use of a shear bolt connector without additional taping. The products accessories consist of ASBT shearbolt terminal connectors. Other accessories include rejacketing sleeves, breakout boots and brackets.
Generally, the terminations offer multiple uses and there is a huge range of applications that can be fully covered with only a minimal number of products. The installation work for TE`s CST is fast because it needs only a few work steps.

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  1. TE’s Raychem Cold Shrink Termination CST up to 35 kV for IEEE Standard

Watch the installation video of the Cold Shrink Termination CST for indoor and outdoor use up to 35 kV for IEEE standard networks.

  • TE Connectivity's Raychem Cold Shrinkable Splice Installation Video (English)

  • Cold Applied Transition Joint Installation Video (English)

  • Cold Applied Transition Joint for PILC Cables Installation Video (English)

  • Cold Shrink Joint Installation Video (English)

Heat Shrink and Cold Shrink Technology

 To support you in your projects, we added cold shrink solutions to our portfolio. The choice depends on the unique technical requirements of your project. We developed a decision sheet to help you choose the right solution for your application.


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