Electromechanical Analog Meters

An analog power meter is a device that features a printed display to indicate any electrical parameter. An example could be the energy consumed by a typical business, or electrical device. Also called an electromechanical meter, these offer a simple to read display.

Product overview

Analog meters to indicate electrical parameters

ANSI switchboard meters: to allow class 1 accuracy metering for all rms AC and DC ranges. The rugged design characteristics meet the need of the most demanding environmental applications. UL, CSA approved. 


Panel indicators: DIN and ANSI panels meters, with short (90°) and long (240]) scales to measure any electrical parameter. With UL, CSA and marine approvals.


Sealed and ruggedized instruments: to operate efficiently in the most adverse environments where extreme condition of shock, vibration, dirt, humidity and temperature variation are present. They comply with the most stringent industrial, marine and military specifications thanks to their metal cased with bezels and their toughened glass windows.


Instruments selector switches: to be mounted on panel. Offering 4 and 7 positions for L-L and L-N voltage or current selection.